A Plea For Purging Drummer Goes On Twitter Warpath Against The Great Commission & Leaders


A Plea For Purging drummer Aaron Eckermann had some vitriol to spew at The Great Commission and Leaders earlier this week via his Twitter. Targeting The Great Commission he tweeted:

“hey young california mexicanish musicians: please stop helping Ang and Justin make money in the revolving membership of The Great Commission”

“my band is breaking up and i don’t care to further my “career” in music so now I’m saying whatever I want behind the safety of twitter : )”

“but seriously though, how do people not know they’re such a complete joke?! EVERY dude in EVERY band knows it! wake up kids! stop it!!”

He later revealed that his issues with the band appear to stem from their alleged lack of faith, stating:

“…they don’t care about the gospel. they care about being cool and making money and playing in a band and selling merch”

“total turd dads. I’m only referring to Justin and Ang though. the rest of the dudes are replaced every tour”

Leaders guitarist Sam Campagna then stepped into the fray to criticize Eckermann‘s attitude and remarks, and was served some heated retorts, including:

“what band are you in again? what tours have you done? who cares? NO ONE. that’s why we turned down your band for our final tour”

“dude @SAMLEADERS you’re kinda mexicanish. you should audition for @TheGreatCommish. then ignorant kids would actually care about your band.”

“@SAMLEADERS oh yeah let calculate how much respect I have for you for leaving your wife to do what “God” called you to do = goose egg”

“@SAMLEADERS every dude in every band knows that they’re a joke. you just don’t know that cause you’ve never been on a real tour before”

“@SAMLEADERS oh and keep meatriding them. hopefully they’ll see your tweets and put your band on your with them. that’s all you care about”

When Campagna threatened to put Eckermann “6 feet under” for his comments, Eckermann replied:

“@SAMLEADERS come to Nashville on your festival style local band tour and hit me. please do.”

Eckerman later clarified his outbursts against accusations of racism with the following:

“I hope you guys won’t lose respect for my band because of the stuff I said. just lose respect for me. they’re a lot better people than I am”

“I’m FOR race, not against it, you guys! more race!”

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