Whitechapel’s Alex Wade: “These Days We’re Doing So Much More Than Just Deathcore”


Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade feels the band have moved beyond the genre tag of deathcore. The following exchange recently took place in an interview with Metal Insider:

The “deathcore” tag gets applied to you guys a lot, but it seems like the death metal quotient keeps getting upped on every record, even though the hardcore side is still there. Do you ever feel limited by getting lumped in with the deathcore scene?

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“Not so much limited because we put no limit on our music. We do pretty much whatever the fuck we want. But, I just…I feel kind of frustrated when these days we’re doing so much more than just deathcore, yet people who don’t fully understand what we’re doing, or what deathcore really is, just since, you know, that’s what we started out as, they just kind of tend to lump everything that we do from the beginning of our career up until now, they just continue to keep lumping it into that genre.

And, you know, like I’ve said, to me – it doesn’t make me mad, it’s just frustrating because we’re so much more than that now and, I don’t know, I just wish people would realize that we’re definitely doing something above and beyond the call of “deathcore” these days.”

The bands new self-titled album arrived in stores today, June 19th, through Metal Blade.