Phil Anselmo Discusses New Solo Album, Down And More In New Interview


Phil Anselmo (Down, ex-Pantera, etc.) had a lot to say about his new solo album, the new Down EP, the Pantera reissues, boxing and more to 93x. The full interview can be heard below along with some highlights.

In regards to the solo album, he stated:

“Yes I do have a solo record that is mixed and tracked and all that stuff. All I wanna do is go back and make one more pass on that mix and then get the sucker mastered.

And you know I would love to have that out at the end of this year, but if it doesn’t happen, because of a: of course, this ‘Vulgar Display’ release; I wanna give that time to breathe; and then b: the Down, I wanna give that a little time to breathe. If it doesn’t happen I guess at the end of this year, I would definitely be looking for that sucker early, early, early, early next year.”

When asked about playing the instruments on the solo effort, he commented:

“I wrote every note on the record. I wrote every song. Thing is look here, truth be told, I am a creative guitar player. I’m not a technically great guitar player. I can do somethings that you know… I’ve written Pantera riffs too. I’ll write the riff, but when a guy like Dimebag gets ahold of it, it sounds completely different and probably about 99 to 100 percent better.

I have a fantastic guitar player named Marzi Montazeri, who… Actually, him and Dimebag had known each other since the middle ’80s, late ’80s, and I’ve known Marzi just almost as long.

And really, Dimebag… He was such a killer, killer, amazing player—we all know this—but Dimebag would show so much respect to Marzi.

Just to sit there and watch those two guys jam together back in the old days, or just talk guitars… Ya know they just had this amazing mutual respect for one another. So Marzi and I have reunited, and he is really an executioner when it comes to right-hand picking, and his left hand blows mine away completely, and he’s a great lead player.

And the kid who plays drums from Warbeast, José Manuel Gonzales, he plays drums on my stuff, too. And I’ve got a local kid playing bass, named Bennett Bartley. And really, man, I orchestrated the whole thing: my words, my songs.

But I let Marzi put his fingerprints, so to speak, all over this whole damn thing. So, really man, it’s probably—in my estimation— one of the most intense things I’ve done, ever.

And look what I love about it is you can’t slide it into any one particular slot, but it’s just as extreme as extreme gets. So I can’t wait to catch some feedback on this sucker.”