Marilyn Manson: “It Takes A Lot To Humble Yourself And Admit That You’re Making A Comeback”


Marilyn Manson was quite humble in his interview for the latest issue of Metal Hammer. When asked about his somewhat lackluster past few albums, he offered:

“I think the last two records were a period that had to happen, even if I didn’t want them to. If you sit and read what everyone says about you, there can come a time where you let it get to you and start to second guess who you are. I was on a roll and satisfied with my music and my shows and it just seemed to go wayward after that.”

Speaking on his newly-released album “Born Villain” being a comeback, he stated:

“It takes a lot to humble yourself and admit that you’re making a comeback, but that’s what it has to be described as when you’ve gone through a period where you’ve not been everything you’ve supposed to be. Not ‘I’m not what I’m supposed to be’, because I don’t want to retrace the past, more ‘I’m not what I need to be’.”