New Soundgarden Album Due Out This Fall


Soundgarden vocalist/guitarist Chris Cornell expects a September/October release date for the bands new album. He recently told that the as-yet untitled effort will be mastered in around a week, offering:

“It’s done. It’ll be out in probably October. I would say September but I’m just guessing October. We’re pretty much done with everything.”

Cornell also spoke to the publication regarding the groups current “The Avengers” tie-in single, “Live To Rise“. According to him, the band originally thought to use one of their new album tracks for inclusion on the films soundtrack. That idea was later mooted in order to write a song specifically for the film.

To that end he stated:

“I went through a lot of different ideas that I scrapped – probably more than usual. Soundgarden does a lot of time signature changes and shifts and things like that. It felt like this should be a little more straightforward ’cause it’s for a broad audience.

The idea of having it be intelligent lyrically and melodic and all these things – it’s a task to do all that stuff. Once I got started I wanted it to be right. But maybe that’s more of a ‘Chris being OCD’ thing.”

More on that, his thoughts on the band being associated with “The Avengers” film and other insights can be found in the full feature at