Enfold Darkness Rejoined By Former Drummer


Enfold Darkness drummer Jack Blackburn has left the group, being replaced by returning drummer, Josh Brown. Due to other commitments though Brown won’t be able to join the band immediately.

In turn, the group have enlisted Aborted‘s Ken Bedene to handle the studio drumming for their new album. While Chason Westmoreland of Burning The Masses will fill-in at the groups impending live shows.

The band released the following statement on that:

“Hello friends,

We have some news to share with you all. To some, it may be bad news; to others, it may be good. We suppose it just depends on how you look at things. Anyhow, our long-time drummer and friend, Jack Blackburn, has decided to leave the ‘Fold to pursue other interests. Recently, Jack received an offer from another band that he could not refuse, and while it saddens us to see him go, we definitely wish him well in all his endeavors.

Jack “Blastburn” Blackburn stepped up to the drum spot in Enfold Darkness in early 2007. His playing helped us bring our music to heights that we had never reached before. He recorded drums for our debut album, Our Cursed Rapture, later that year (in the summer of 2007), and almost a year later (in 2008), due to the work done by Jack and the members of Enfold Darkness at that time, we managed to land a contract with Sumerian Records.

Since then, Jack has toured the U.S. and Canada extensively with us, and his playing was also featured on our most recent “release”, the “Lairs of the Ascended Masters” pre-production demo.

Our founder and leader, Matt Brown, had this to say on the subject: “Jack‘s aggressive black metal/technical death metal drumming mastery, characterized by fast double bass, blast beats of all kinds, and insanely quick tom sweeps mixed in with syncopated cymbal hits complimented our sound and helped make it what it is today. I will always be very thankful that he came along when he did and for all the hard work that he put in during our formative years.”

While it was a sad day when we got the news only a few short weeks ago, the world keeps turning and the blast beats keep a’ blastin’. While Jack was an important part of our world, we are not done with our mission, and him leaving will NOT stop us from carrying out our agenda.

With that being said, we are excited to welcome BACK our former drummer and brother of Matt, Josh Brown into the ‘Fold. Josh has come a long way since he drummed for us in 2006, and we are more than confident that he will be able to pull off our material with ease.

However, it will be a few months before you will start hearing Josh‘s thunder live. Due to the fact that Jack decided to leave us only a month before our “Shred Till You’re Dead” Tour and the recording of our second studio album, things have been rather hectic for us.

Jack‘s replacement, Josh, will be busy up until late July/August, and won’t be able to go on tour or record with us until after that time period. It is for that reason that we are hiring certain BADASSES to tour/record with us for our upcoming new album.

*Whew!* With all that out of the way… I am pleased to announce the following information:

1) Touring with us on the “Shred Till You’re Dead” Tour to fill the drum spot will be none other than Chason Westmoreland of BURNING THE MASSES. And lastly… 2) Ken Bedene of ABORTED will be (s)laying down the drums on our soon-to-be tracked sophomore release.

Do not dispair! We are only getting started. Jack leaving the band was a blow initially, but we have regrouped with even more strength… enough to TAKE ON THE WORLD.


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