Roadrunner Records Shutters Canadian, UK And German Offices (Updated)


Rumors abound that Roadrunner Records‘ European, Canadian and UK offices are closing/cutting staff due to a cost saving move from their parent label, Warner Music Group. While official word has yet to be released, Roadrunner Records UK publicist Kirsten Sprinks has confirmed the news via her Twitter, offering:

“It’s true – we are all out of a job.”

“So, it’s safe to say it’s a truly horrible day.”

“No, I have not written a press release about our office closing, for those folks asking.”

Rose Slanic, the general manager of Roadrunner Records Canada tweeted:

“Not sure what is going on, but it doesn’t feel good to work at RR today!”

“Today was my last day at Roadrunner Records. Thanks everyone for a great seven years!”

Meanwhile, Trivium vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy has also spoken on the matter via his Twitter, offering:

“I wish I knew who or what to blame specifically, and chew off it’s heads – but Roadrunner records just fired some of their best employees. I don’t know if it’s corporate greed or it’s due to the fact that no one puts value in physical art and that piracy created a domino effect.

But our friends who are being tossed away so quickly by the label are now out of jobs. These people helped bands get where they are today. Wanna defend piracy? Do what you do for me and 10,000 others for free. Whatever your trade is – give me that for free or You’re a jerk.”

He continued:

“Regardless of your stance. We all work for a living. I do what I do to pay RENT. If I wanted millions, I’d be in pop music. My heart goes out to my friends who have been delivered this awful news today. You helped us get where we are. You’re in our thoughts.”

“Truth is. I love Roadrunner. I’m upset with what happened to the people I care about. Roadrunner helped build metal that I love.”

He later confirmed that the cuts/closures have hit the UK and Canadian branches of Roadrunner as well as the German offices too. Furthermore, DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara tweeted:


Update – April 26th 3:58pm:

It would appear as though cuts have begun to hit the U.S. offices of Roadrunner Records now as well. While official sources have yet to comment, Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel has shared some insight through his Twitter, offering:

“What happened today to Roadrunner is one of the biggest reasons I never sold to a major #stayindie #freedom”

“When we started 30 years ago we worked with Roadrunner. They distributed our stuff in Europe and we did their stuff in the USA. Sad day”

“Wow just heard more sad news about US people leaving Roadrunner now #bummed”

“from what I know the label is being absorbed into Warner. I would think they will keep a lot of the bands. More info will come”

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has also taken to his Twitter confirming that the band are currently free agents and have not been on Roadrunner for around six months.

He offered:

“DevilDriver is not with RR and has Not been for Almost 6 Months This does Not effect Us except the way are Hearts Hang heavy 4Our Friends”

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