Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland: “I Kind Of Like Dream Theater Now”


Limp Bizkit, etc. guitarist Wes Borland‘s recent tweets about his opinion of Dream Theater continue to take him to amusing places. Once again going down through Borland‘s Twitter, mutual friend Kat Von D brought ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy (also of Adrenaline Mob) into the conversation.

Some highlights from that can be found below:

“@MikePortnoy Mike! I was just having a laugh and now all the DT fans are pissed! I’m mean I’m in LB for christsake! Hahaha! This is fun/bad”

“So, @thekatvond just brought @MikePortnoy into this! Yes! Awkward!”

“Well, that was fun. Thanks everyone for the most entertaining Twitter night ever! The funny thing is I kind of like Dream Theater now.”

For the record, Portnoy opted for the higher road. Borland however has been taking the whole situation humorously, going so far as to retweet some of the venom directed at him by Dream Theater fans.

He even managed to find at least one well-known supporter in Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri, who offered:

“@wesborland You play guitar in the best band of all time. Please feel free to shit on whoever you want.”