Limp Bizkit And Emmure Frontmen Outdo Each Other With Questionable Tweets


While more than likely tongue in cheek, both Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri and his inspiration, Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst, made some highly-questionable tweets recently.

Palmeri himself recently tweeted:

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“I heard the other day the singer for #LETLIVE say’s the word #NIGGA in a song. I back that fully. I wanna say #NIGGA in a song too : (“

Seemingly implying that he was only messing around, he later followed up with:

“On a real note #LETLIVE was fucking awesome at #ICEJAM was my first time seeing or hearing those dudes. Back it. Reminds me of Faith No More”

Durst however was recently asked by a twitter user “why are you part of YMCMB? stick to rock. That’s when you were good man” to which he replied:

“YMCMB is heavy metal. Rock is dead.”

YMCMB of course refers to Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires — a primarily hip-hop oriented label collective which Limp Bizkit are now a part of following their signing with Cash Money Records.

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