Limp Bizkit Reportedly Moving On Without DJ Lethal And Drummer John Otto


Limp Bizkit DJ DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto may be on the chopping block. Lethal recently took to his Twitter this past Friday, March 30th, for the following series of tweets:

“Staying positive !! It’s always hard when you’ve been part of something for so long and the rug get pulled from your feet. I will #survive”

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“So far the only news I’ve heard is that fred has plans for a “new” limp bizkit which doesn’t include john otto or I. I’m hoping for the best”

“From what I understand is fred doesn’t approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don’t want to cause drama,it’s unfair”

“I’ve tried to reach out and make things better.But fred seems to have made up his mind.Bands fight and argue all the time.just don’t get it

“This is not an April fools joke unfortunately. I love being in limp its been my life for 15 years. A lot of good people and good times”

“I’m not going to whine about it.I just had to vent because it’s pretty sad.And had to address all the fans that a going to a 1/2 bizkit show”

Another series of posts made earlier today, April 01st include:

“I can only speak for myself the the only. Thing I’m addicted to is making music. Having a few parties on tour doesn’t mean I’m an addict.”

“Anyways. If those things were true wouldn’t a friend try to help. How is pushing away going to help anything? If it was me I would help.”

“I’m going to leave this on a positive note. Thank all you friend and people who supported lb and I though all the years.”

“I Really wish things where left on good note. Theres deeper issues that need to get resolved on both ends. I wish fred and his band best.”

“Come on now. > john otto and I have some plans. Get ready for dj and drums from hell!maybe we should jam after shows?

“Everybody please chill. There’s a chance we can work things out. I dot want to have any hate. Let’s stay positive and let things settle.”

Most recently Limp Bizkit have been in and out of the studio writing and demoing new material for their next effort, “The Unquestionable Truth: (Part 2)“. The outing will be the bands first for their new label home, Cash Money Records.

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