Melvins Working On New Venom, Queen & Roxy Music Covers


The coming year will see the Melvins remain characteristically prolific. Drummer Dale Crover recently took part in an interview conducted by Metal Sucks and offered the following on the groups upcoming plans:

“Next year we’re doing a tour as Melvins Lite. It’s great, there’s actually three different versions of the band. There’s also the 1983 Melvins with the original drummer [Mike Dillard]. I get to play bass. I get to play the part of Matt Lukin. We just recorded some new stuff with him too that will eventually be out. We just did four songs so it’ll just be an EP.

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We’ve been doing a ton of recording of various things, doing lots of covers. We’re going to be doing a lot of splits with people. We’re going to be doing some singles where we play with other people as well. We’ve recorded some Venom songs, with Scott Kelly from Neurosis singing and playing guitar.

We’ve recorded a Roxy Music song with Jello Biafra with our old bass player Kevin [Rutmanis] playing. We just recorded some Queen songs with a friend of ours Caleb who’s in a band called Tweak Bird. We have a bunch of things planned along those lines. Some are not done yet, I won’t jinx it. We’re doing lots of things like that, lots of releases coming in the next few years.”

This week already saw the release of the bands new free digital EP “Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees“; while June 05th will bring the bands new ‘Melvins Lite‘ release, “Freak Puke“.

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