Refused Play Secret Show In Umeå, Sweden, Footage Available (Updated)


Refused played a secret show in Umeå, Sweden tonight, February 29th. The performance marked the bands first gig in fourteen years with inital fan-filmed footage from it available below.

Meanwhile, band frontman Dennis Lyxzén took to his Facebook regarding the experience. A hastily translated version of his statement (originally posted in Swedish) reads as follows:

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“So, to all those who stood outside and did not get in. I am so sick sad and I really wished we had been able to play for them all.
We will bid again. By far! I promise.
To sum up an incredible evening.
Ux Vileheads was awesome. Proud of my brothers Guitar Solos.
Hard times were totally awesome, then came följade:
I sang Away with Step Forward.
David sang Proficiency with Final Exit.
Onion singing Degenerated Generation of D-13.
It was so fun to be sick.
Then we played the first gig in 14 years. Summarize. 14 years.
It was an overwhelming response and it was mental fun to be on stage with David, Jon, Kristofer and Magnus again.
Sweaty and peppat and incredibly fun.
There will be a great summer and I already look forward to the next gig in Umeå.
Richard and Elina played great music.
Erik Niva had a fight so he did not have to write about international match to come up.
Jose and Cara Dash James divade. My brother was standing at the front and sang with.
Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks to everyone who sweated with us.
Now I feel like hell for real.
What a fucking awesome night.


Rather Be Dead“:

New Noise“:

A Swedish news report from the show can also be found online over at

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