Baroness Frontman John Baizley Speaks On New Album


Baroness frontman/guitarist John Baizley was recently interviewed by and saw fit to discuss the bands forthcoming new album. The group have wrapped the recording of the outing with producer John Congleton (Modest Mouse, Black Mountain) once again behind the boards. Plans are currently being made for a summer release via Relapse.

An excerpt from the interview centered on the new opus can be found below:

“Can you describe the new album? Does it have a title yet?

It does have a title (which I won’t yet divulge), and it is finished and in production now. The new record at the very least is the beginning of a bridge towards something more unique and honest for Baroness. I’ve been more concerned with the composition and craft of songwriting this year than I ever have in the past. Historically, and with some regrettable hindsight, I see our old records merely as interesting pieces of music cobbled together with a significant amount of serendipity at play. We’ve gotten lucky at times, not so much at others.

We are a process-driven band, and we have been refining our process, while expanding our palette, throughout the past year. We wanted to present a challenging record, both for the band and its audience. I think we’ve been successful in that regard. We have developed our sense of melody, composition, and song-craft. At the end of the recording session, I felt like a child who had just figured out a challenging puzzle: proud of the fact that it had been achieved and excited at the prospect of delving into a new one. That’s what I always strive for; not so much an endpoint, rather a series of challenges in stages.

This record, I am sure, will challenge our fans in much the same way as it has challenged us. We have broadened the spectrum of our capabilities and textures, and we have taken some turns throughout the record which I believe are considerable risks. The act of risk taking whilst writing music is the reward in itself, and we are excited to get out on tour and see the way it comes alive onstage.”