Shadows Fall Frontman Responds To New Album Rumors


Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair has taken to his Twitter to clarify recent rumors of the bands upcoming album. The below posting from Fair states that while the rumored title (“Fire From The Sky“) may be correct, the May 08th release date is not.

“BTW in reference to site’s that announced @ShadowsFallBand album title and release date. Date is def wrong and that may or may not be title. People jumping the gun before anything is official. We will be announcing all this info once it is confirmed.”

Word recently broke on the album via a posting from the bands own Jason Bittner, who stated that it would carry the title of “Fire From The Sky” and would be released on May 08th. Live footage from this past week also saw Fair debuting what is thought to be the albums title track as “The Fire From The Sky” — making that a possible candidate for the title as well.