Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Talks Band Misconceptions, Ticket Prices And More In New Q&A


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has taken part in an industry related Q&A giving his opinions on ticket prices, misconceptions about his band, bands changing after signing and more.

When asked what the biggest misconception about his band is, Blythe replied:

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“I think the biggest misconception about my band is that we are rich; FILTHY RICH beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a commonly held belief by most people who are not in the music business that anyone with a record out and a fanbase is ballin’ like Puff Daddy or P Diddy or Diddly-doo-doo or whatever the fuck that guy calls himself now.

Folks think that everyone in a professional band sleeps on mattresses made out of $100 bills and just sits back chilling when they aren’t tour, spending all their free time screwing models and cashing massive royalty checks. I got bad news for the kids who want to try and do this thing for a living: it ain’t that way. Stop watching “Cribs” on MTV, get in a van, go out on the road, and try doing this for a while.

It’s a quick and bitter educational experience. While I make a pretty good living being in a band, I am one of the few. And it sure as hell didn’t happen overnight. Also people seem to think I’m anangry, angry, ANGRY man, like I walk around screaming all the time in the lamb of god voice or something. While it’s true I voice my opinions, and I do so with a firm conviction and no hesitation whatsoever, anywhere and anytime I deem fit, that doesn’t mean I’m angry all the time.

Far from it. My band is my vehicle to voice my frustrations. Once they are out, I’m totally chill. I’m a very relaxed, polite, and friendly guy, unless you act like a fucking idiot around me. I’m chill because I have my band and my writing to vent my fury with. In fact, I don’t know how normal, non-musician type people don’t just spontaneously combust in a savage, fiery explosion of rage & disgust every time they walk out the door.

Everyone should have a band. There would be far less violence in the world.”

You can read the full feature here. Lamb Of God‘s new album “Resolution” will hit stores on January 24th through Epic.

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