Gwar’s Oderus Urungus Vents On Cancelled European Tour, Slams Lordi


Gwar‘s frontmutant Oderus Urungus recently took to his Twitter to vent regarding the bands recent cancelled European tour.

Speaking through a series of tweets he offered:

“Not going to bullshit our fans. Europe is off because promoters starting cancelling shows. Ticket sales were poor. Why? Who fucking knows… Economic woes, Christmas time, Northern Europe in Jan….but it is deeper than that. Straight up, most Europeans don’t like GWAR. Of course our European fans (who are amongst my faves) would disagree, but they are the exception rather than the rule

So, why would Europe heartily support Lordi, yet shun GWAR? Don’t tell me it’s the music, they are a fucking track-act! I’ll tell you why…the European metal scene is full of people who take their metal WAY too seriously and think humor has no place in it. They can’t stand our asinine attitude and think our music sucks…thats o.k, we hate them too. We will miss our true fans in Europe.

I know they wanted to say goodbye to Flattus. really, our fans in Europe are some of the most fanatical and loyal I have ever known. It breaks my black heart that they shall be deprived of this…BUT This is but another bump in the road for the mighty GWAR!

It shall not hinder nor dissuade us in our unholy quest…whatever that is. For now our focus must be on making sure that all of those fans who bought tickets get their money back. If you don’t, tell me DIRECTLY. And I will fucking go after it, this whole fucking thing pisses me off so bad, and I am just looking for a neck to wrap my hands around.”

He continued:

“Getting disturbing reports of zero promotion and tickets still on sale…the sad part is we LOVE YOU EUROPE. We really miss you. Of all the American (dual citizenship w/ Antarctica) bands that tour there, we probably have the most appreciation for European culture.”