Current And Former Members Of Straight Line Stitch, Darkest Hour, Etc. Join Forces In A Cancerous Affair


Straight Line Stitch guitarist Kris Norris (formerly of Darkest Hour) has started a new project by the name of A Cancerous Affair. The group will feature ex-Annihilator touring bassist Dave Sheldon on vocals and Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish behind the kit.

Speaking on the project, Norris stated:

“I’m pretty happy with the way the music is coming along. I write here and send the stuff to Dave in Canada. Its nice to be able to write anything. I love all styles of music from pop and jazz to black metal and with this being a project band with no intentions other than to write music we enjoy, I’m not pigeonholed into oh this song needs a fast riff or a crazy solo. It’s a nice relief from the other projects and bands I’m involved in and have been involved in. I get to take my experiences from all of them and combine it into one.”

Some demos from the project can be found online below with Norris offering the following insight:

“So far what we put up is just the writing of the demos with some demo vocals added. The songs have already been crafted into much better versions but I thought it’d be cool to at least release this stuff, hopefully get some feedback of what people are diggin and hating.”

Where Did We Go Wrong“:

More demos can be found over at

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