Obscura To Release “Illegimitation” Demos And Rarities Collection


Obscura will independently release a collection of ten demos, covers and more by the name of “Illegimitation” in March of next year. The group have launched a Kickstarter campaign for the release, while the track listing for it can be found below:

Obscura – ‘Illegimitation’ Demo” (2003):
01 – “…and all will come to an end
02 – “Crucified
03 – “Fear
04 – “Immanent Desaster

Obscura – ‘Cosmogenesis Preproduction’” (2006):

05 – “Incarnated
06 – “Open the Gates
07 – “Headworm

Obscura – ‘Recording Session 2011’” (2011):

08 – “Flesh and the Power it Holds” (Death cover)
09 – “Piece of Time” (Atheist cover)
10 – “How Could I” (Cynic cover)

Band vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer offered the following on the release:

“This will be a independent release so we can give our fans the opportunity to participate in the project and offer special packages such as a livelong free entry to all Obscura shows, limited edition items, face to face lessons with our members, and tour used gear from the band!”