Junius Reports From The Threshold Of Death

Prosthetic 2011

Death blossoms.

Junius - Reports From The Threshold Of Death


There’s a nearly inimitable sense of beauty and darkness that Junius are able to conjure on “Reports From The Threshold Of Death“. The kind that alternately drones and pulses, with both overwhelming helplessness and inspirational determination.

Few bands have ever fully captured it and and fewer still have actually made it this engaging. And yet, through this veritable slit-wrist symphony of the finer traits of The Smiths, Deftones and Neurosis; Junius have done just that. This is no small part thanks to the Failure-reminiscent space rock canvas they routinely bleed out upon.

What would essentially be a funeral dirge under normal circumstances is buoyed and lifted beyond earthen constraints by the lingering ambiance and spacey atmospherics. A charming way to channel their ubiquitous melancholy to be sure. But it is the proverbial cultivation of despondency and its eventual blossom into subdued positivity that makes the songs truly resonate.

It’s odd that music so perpetually downtrodden can wind up feeling so uplifting. But through tuneful melodic touches, empowering keys and unwavering focus; Junius have delivered an intoxicating update of some the mid to late 90’s most endearing aural astronauts.

The added weight of a meaty rhythm section and some serrated distortion gives “Reports From The Threshold Of Death” enough bite to appeal to metalheads and black hearted goths alike. But it is the sullen honesty and emotional vulnerability that will likely keep the more bleak-minded listeners coming back for more.