This Is Hell Streaming New Song “Black Mass”


This Is Hell have begun streaming the title track for their new album “Black Mass” online through You can also check out the track below. Speaking on “Black Mass“, which Rise Records will issue on October 11th, band guitarist Rick Jimenez offered:

“The new album takes the crossover and metal influences from last album to much greater extremes and the end product was Black Mass, by far the heaviest and thrashiest songs we’ve written and recorded”

The track listing for “Black Mass” can be found below:

01 – “Acid Rain
02 – “Black History
03 – “Salt The Earth
04 – “Black Mass
05 – “The Wars: Part I
06 – “Mi Nombre
07 – “The Last Outlaw
08 – “Demons
09 – “The Reckoning
10 – “The Wars: Part II