THEPRP Blog Update – Polls Added, New User Registration/Password Change Bug Fixed


Just because the new design here is about two weeks old now doesn’t mean it’s not still evolving. Today marked the launch of polls down there in that mess of ads and content on the right. The inaugural question will be nice and easy and I am encouraged to see that so far the barking dogs option is not in the lead.

While on that note, I have yet to come up with a clever name for Polls yet, sans “touch my poll” – which considering that this site is mainly visited by dudes, may give off the wrong idea. I’ll just have to take your word for it that you have soft skin… Maybe you can come up with a better idea and leave it in the comments?

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That said, a bug with new user registrations and forgotten/changing passwords was fixed a few days back, so if you were having trouble signing up or changing/remembering your password in the past week or two, you should be able to do so freely now.

Thanks again for all your support, comments and criticism. It’s all appreciated and hopefully things are running fairly smooth now.

– wook