Deftones To Film New Live DVD In Russia, Details Revealed For Chino Moreno’s “Lost Track” With 30 Seconds To Mars


Thanks to an enterprising individual and of course the latest issue of Rock Sound, more details have now emerged regarding the collaborative 30 Seconds To Mars track which was set to feature Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

Sessions for the track took place during the studio time for both bands latest efforts and was originally intended to surface on 30 Seconds To Mars‘ “This Is War“. Due to their then studio commitments they were unable to finish the song.

When asked about the future of the track and if they ever revisit old song ideas, the frotnmen offered:

Jared Leto: I usually don’t but I want to have a song with Chino on it at some point in my life. That’s a consistent goal. I do have that song [we worked on before] and I will go spend some time with it when I get back home; when we did it we were all convinced we could pull it off [but] maybe the song isn’t good enough. Maybe I need to write a better song.

Chino Moreno: I think it would be rad to write something from scratch too, to collaborate from the beginning.

Jared Leto: That would be fun for me as I’ve never really done that before. It would be rewarding. I’m going to look again at that song but the door is always open on our side.”

Meanwhile, in addition to a new album, Moreno also makes mention of a forthcoming Deftones live DVD shoot which will take place in Russia. Speaking on that and the bands future plans, he offered:

“After summer festivals we do a live DVD in Russia and then we come home and start to write again. We’ll lock ourselves in a rehearsal spot and see if we can do what we did on the last record. Hopefully within a four-to-five month period we’ll have another batch of songs and we can start thinking about recording.”

Currently the Deftones have the following two Russian shows scheduled:

09/02 St. Petersburg, RUS – Gavclub
09/03 Moscow, RUS – Arena Moscow

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