Periphery Working On Two New Albums For 2012


Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen recently sat down with and among other things, discussed the bands progress on their two new albums. The first album out of the gate will be titled “Juggernaut” and will be concept record.

Speaking on “Juggernaut“, Bowen offered:

“It’s a cool story and the way he [guitarist Misha Mansoor] has it all mapped out and the way he is working with Spencer is just going to be really cool. It covers a lot of interesting topics and if anyone knows about the lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!‘ which was a song off our first album, then it has to do with that.”

The second album has yet to be titled and will not follow a concept. When asked about that and the decision to release the two new albums next year, Bowen added:

“The real reason is simply we have so much material and we feel like if we don’t get all of this material which we are sitting on out, then eventually we are not going to care for it anymore. We’re going to get tired of it and we don’t want that, we want to put it out and have it immortalized on a record then we can move on. We’re such prolific writers but it’s almost as curse as much as it is a blessing because we just constantly have so much material that we don’t know what we will do with it all.”

Another topic covered in the discussion was the amicable departure of guitarist Alex Bois earlier this year. Commenting on that Bowen stated:

“It was just more of a personality thing than anything music related. We run a really tight business and all of the personalities have to work together so if there is anything that will make that complicated then we have to make changes. We’re still great friends with him and we love him and we wish him the best.”

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