Chimaira Frontman Addresses Chris Spicuzza’s Departure


Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter has publically addressed the recently announced departure of keyboardist/programmer Chris Spicuzza. Speaking on the bands official forums, he offered the following:

“all hail spicuzza good to see the love you guys express for him. the feelings are mutual.

as we know this news sucks… hopefully this cheers you up a little

there are definitely samples, keys, electronics, and all sorts of other wizardry on this record. we’ve spent the past 12 years creating the atmospheric side of chimaira, and we can’t imagine listening to us without those cool bits either. each album brought new noises and a vibe to accompany that particular record. nothing has changed in that regard. this has always been an evolution. while it may seem like the end of days, we see this as another chapter. chimaira developed our sound together with chris, and although he is gone, his spirit, class, and the foundation he helped lay, will always remain.

you know us. we don’t drive our cars looking through the rearview mirror. never have, never will. keep the glasses half full, amigos. it makes for a much more interesting ride….and we’re just getting started.

btw…yes, rob is still in chimaira.
six feet under is a side project. maynard james keenan sings for 3 bands. rob plays guitar for 3.
it’s all gravy.

thanks for your continuous support”

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