Trapped Under Ice Involved In Fan Altercation Overseas, Footage Available


Members of Trapped Under Ice have been accused of assaulting a fan at a show overseas this past weekend. Footage of the incident can be found below while the uploader of the video offered his take on the situation:

“what happened: US-“Hardcore”band TRAPPED UNDER ICE played a show and a kid who loved the band jumped over the singer (aka pile-on / stagedive) so he could sing-a-long, they both fell down the stage (absolutely no harm to the kid NOR the singer because of this), the singer then hit the kid two times in the face, the kid in defense not really knowing what the fuck was going on hit back, then chaos ensued, another member of the band left the stage and together with his singer started severly beating and stomping the kid resulting in a broken jaw that needed surgery.

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back on stage the singer says “i’m not a fucking superhero, don’t jump on me, don’t you fucking hit me”
well this is BULLSHIT because if you are into Hardcore you know that singers get jumped on ALL THE TIME by enthusiastic fans. and the “Don’t fucking hit me” shit, well on the video you can clearly see that the singer hits the kid first!!!”


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