Ignomious Incarceration And And Hell Followed With Involved In Van Accident, Tour Cancelled


Ignomious Incarceration and And Hell Followed With have been forced to cancel their European tour together as a result of a van accident on which both bands were traveling in France. According to a press release on the incident, most of the vehicles passengers escaped with minor injuries, though some were treated for broken bones. Speaking on the crash, Ignomious Incarceration bassist Chris Ball offered the following:

“Hey guys, sorry the tour got cut short but due to a major incident we are unable to do any shows for a while, we are all ok and still going strong. Up until the incident we had been enjoying the tour and have made some great friends in the process.

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We will be back as soon as we’re all 100% fit enough to take to the stage again. In the mean time just keep your eyes and ears peeled for us hitting the studio at some point and new tour dates. Thanks.”

Meanwhile, And Hell Followed With guitarist Kyle McIlmurray also commented on the accident with the following:

“Basically we were making a late night drive back to the UK when we nicked a semi truck and got sent like a pinball down the freeway. Most of us sustained minor injuries compared to the guys in Ignom… Thankfully we’re all alive. We’ll take back pain over death any day.

The injuries and damage were so intense that we were forced to cancel the remainder of the tour and head back home. We are so thankful to have had such a great time with the guys in the other bands and play the shows that we did. Words cannot describe how bummed we are that we didn’t get to finish it up. We’ve never backed out on a tour like this.. But unfortunately it was out of our hands.

Now that we’re home with our families and safe we’re going to get ready for the road in September with Suffokate and The Red Shore.. It will most certainly be a banger!”