Daath Finishing Up New Effort, Begin Studio Webisode Series


Daath are wrapping up work on their new album with the band guitarist Eyal Levi sharing the production duties with Mark Lewis (DevilDriver, Trivium). Speaking on the outing, which is due out in October, Levi offered the following:

“It’s hard to write about your own music so I’m going to keep this quick. DAATH has a new record coming out this October. This is the most unrestrained and over the top collection of songs we’ve ever captured. We went in with the intent of creating a freak show of a record and we achieved it. People looking for a wrecking ball of an album will be happy. People looking for an album they’ll still hear new things in one year down the road will be happy. People going in with any preconceived notions of who we are and what we sound like are in for a surprise.”

In addition, the band recently teamed up with for a webisode series documenting their time spent in the studio recording the outing. You can find the first installment below:

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