The Autumn Offering Reveal Details Regarding New Album


The Autumn Offering have decided to self-title their forthcoming new album which is slated for an August 31st release date through Victory. The effort will be the groups first with newcomers Jesse Nunn (Scum Of The Earth) (guitars) and Carl Bensley (bass). Speaking on the effort, band frontman Matt McChesney offered the following:

“I always thought we were unfairly lumped in with the ‘metalcore’ bands. I always thought we did much more musically and were a bit more sophisticated than your typical good-cop/bad-cop band. It takes balls to admit this, but yeah, we wrote a few songs that were mistakes. We made a push, half heartedly, for the mainstream. Yet I feel like a few bad choices don’t taint two albums that I love dearly. There were a million reasons to make a record like this. Also, sensing the death of that genre of metal, it made no sense to make a record that resembled it. I think we came out of it all, integrity intact.”

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The song “Born Dead” will serve as the first single from the release with a video for it in the works. In addition, the group are planning to kick off a two month North American run with Silent Civilian beginning August 27th with more details currently pending. The track listing for “The Autumn Offering” runs as follows:

01 – “Synapse
02 – “Born Dead
03 – “Exhale The Locusts
04 – “Fed To The Lions
05 – “Hessian Blade
06 – “Death Mask
07 – “Viral
08 – “Among Wolves
09 – “Bloodlust
10 – “Myriad Black
11 – “A Return To Ashes

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