So About Yesterday…


Seems like it was only (ahem) six months ago when I last posted on here. Since then the site has continued to once again grow and a lot of you have been commenting and spreading the word, which is rad. What wasn’t rad was having a malware infection on the site yesterday (June 23rd). The hack came in at around 2:00 pm and by 3:30 pm it was neutralized and now, after a long day and some software upgrades, it should be fixed.

Let it be known there were no intentions to infect or malware anyone up – well at least not on my part. So if you got that page that mentioned that your #1 source of news for aging nu-metallers had been blocked for malware, etc. that was the reason why. That aside, there are some plans in the early stages to clean up the site a bit in the coming months. Yes the giant header will be chopped down to size so you don’t wear out your mousewheels and there will likely be some extra gloss spread about here and there too.

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If by some ungodly chance that you are still getting virus/malware warnings on the site, please don’t hesitate to comment here. Google has given the site a clean bill of health as of tonight and we’re pretty confident that we vanquished the beast. But with these things you can never be too certain, lest I have to change my already poorly chosen moniker to wookhubris.