Oceansize Complete New Album, Reveal Title For It


Oceansize have set “Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up” as the title to their new album which they expect to release in September. For now, the group recently issued the following update on the outing:

“…Album – it’s finished. All mastered. It’s ace. It’s 10 songs (the special edition will have 11). They’re all great. It’s heavy. It’s soft. It’s lush. It’s got Claire Lemmon singing all prettily on it. It’s got Simon Neil screaming his fucking blackened little lungs on it. It’s got strings and pianos and gravity-defying bass drums on it. It’s our best album. Probably. You’ll hear it sometime in September.

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Tour – dates are being organised. LOADS of them. Don’t even bother asking if we’re playing in America or Ireland. Yeah, i know.

Hopefully soon we’ll have all manner of exciting shit to talk about. In the meantime you can catch me playing second guitar for Biffy Clyro virtually every weekend this summer. Which is pretty ace really, isn’t it? When you think about it?


PS – i forgot to tell you the album title didn’t i : ‘Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up‘.”