Crossbreed Go On Hiatus


Crossbreed have gone on hiatus, a statement from band frontman James Rietz on the matter can be found below:

“I will start out with nothing is official cause nothing stays gone, but, as of now, Crossbreed and it’s members will be moving on to other projects. We have had a great run, but after all these years, some of us have never had a chance to expand beyond Crossbreed.

Personally, Chris and I (James) have been doing this group on paper for 14 years and have never had a chance to do anything else. As some of you might know, we have our studio which will be running as usual, but there has to be a point where some journeys end to begin new ones.

Now, I’m not saying there will never be another Crossbreed show, I’m only saying that Crossbreed will no longer be the primary focus any longer for our members. Kem has released a solo record that is really good. Diesel is a great talent for any band looking for a drummer and he is a great bandmate as well. As for Chris, he has been working in the The Candy Factory Studio and has really taken it and himself to the next level.

Chris and original Crossbreed bassist Charlie Parker will be directing SHU TANG‘s first video this weekend at The Candy Factory Studio for the song “DRY HUMPIN”. Some of you might not know what SHU TANG is, well, let me try to explain it.

After we finished the Crossbreed album this time last year, Ian and I, along with and 2 others (T. HONEY and BIG DRU) started messing around writing songs as a new group called SHU TANG. NO, it sounds nothing like Crossbreed and some of you will not like it, but if all of you listen to the songs, lyrics and direction of the group, and add in the fact that we have a theatrical backgroud and have applied it to our live show, then you will understand what it is we are really trying to do. Bring the funny to hip hop and raise the bar in regards to performing. Basically, we want to go after a new genre with our experience and make them look bad.

SHU TANG already features guest spots by Kem and Diesel of Crossbreed, an R&B singer Vann Rich, and we are writing a few more songs to finish our album and have already started writing a song that will feature WAYLON of mushroomhead, Tenafly Viper fame.

Producing is another thing that has been goin on a lot lately. Ian has been working with countless artists ranging from acoustic acts, rap, and death metal. He has come so far since his first days in Crossbreed and not only are we all proud of him, but you as fans should be as well.

Yes, this is one of the hardest things to write, but I am tired of not telling anyone what’s really going on. Crossbreed has had a lot of challenges and for some of us, we have to walk away for now before we never want to do it again. We have loved every moment we have been given to entertain you, but it’s time to start new things and see where it takes us. Yes we just put an album out, but it wont go anywhere when you are paired up with people who do nothing with it.

I will keep in touch from here with our fans, we love all of you and for old times sake, visit the link below and follow SHU TANG‘s journey as we are really still the same people you followed all these years, just in a different style. I SUGGEST you listen to UH OH 5-0 first. Thanks, James