HORSE the band Moving Ahead With 6-DVD/Book Set


HORSE the band are officially moving ahead with their “Earth Tour” photo book and 6-DVD set. The outing captures the bands 2008 DIY worldwide tour, with some highlights from the set listed below. Given the nature of the project the band are limiting production of the set strictly to pre-orders which can now be placed here.

“In 2008, HORSE the band embarked on an ambitious 90-day, 45-country, 4 continent, self booked tour of the planet. The only way to convey any of our experiences in a meaningful way is to tell the whole story. And the only way to tell the whole story is with a release of this magnitude:
– 5 DVD’s full of adventure in the countries we visited, the singular personalities we encountered, everything crazy and funny and sad that happened, and most importantly, us, in the raw
– 1 DVD of the best live performances of each song we played on the tour, with each song’s footage coming from a different country on the tour
– A hand bound, hardcover, full-color book with 100 pages of the best photos taken by our amazing photographer who followed us around the world. Complete with insightful and embarrassing commentary from all members of the touring party.
– Each book personalized with actual artifacts from the tour (ticket stubs, fliers, plane tickets) embedded inside”

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