World Under Blood Confirm Label Status, Aim For July Release


World Under Blood have confirmed that despite the rumors they are in fact still signed with Nuclear Blast. The band, which feature CKY frontman/guitarist Deron Miller and Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung, have been moving ahead with a July release for their new album “Tactical“.

Covers of Megadeth‘s “Wake Up Dead” and Malevolent Creation’s “Alliance Or War” were tracked during the album sessions, for which mixing is currently underway. For now, Miller had the following to offer:

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“february sucks. its my least favorite month for more than a couple of reasons…best thing to do is keep busy. i will be flying to philly to work on some killer CKY tunes and then off to Miami to do vocals for “Tactical”…im listening to ruff mixes of the album now without vocals and i must say im ecstatic…im very excited to put some voices to these sickening arrangements.

its my most intricate and physically challenging work so far and working with james murphy is always a blast. i never laugh as hard as i do when he gets mad at pro-tools…has to be seen to be believed! contrary to several rumors, yes we are still working with Nuclear Blast worldwide…they expect nothing but the best and thats what they’re getting and they know it.

im headed to the office on wednesday to start up our facebook page…yea i know, facebook? its gayer than 5 adam lamberts but all i can say is that its embarassing for people, but great for bands. japan was a fucking blast by the way…they eat gore over there…maybe you didnt know that. tentacles, legs, heads, eyes…all of it…nothings wasted.

the guys in IN FLAMES are fucking great, and it was really cool to reconnect with atreyu after all these years…we all talked a lot of shit on eachother, but the older you get the more you realize that hating everything isnt as cool as it used to be. we want TACTICAL out by july…im working hard to make it happen.

better safe than sorry,


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