Blood Has Been Shed Working With Burnt By The Sun Frontman


Burnt By The Sun frontman Mike Olender has been working with Blood Has Been Shed on the bands new album. Speaking with Invisible Oranges, Olender offered the following on his work with the group:

“Blood Has Been Shed is working on a new record, and I’m working with them on some stuff for the new record. I’m finding that it has been very difficult for me to step up to the plate just because of the fact that I got so much out of my system with the last record, and I’m in a very interesting time in my life right now that’s very hopeful.

It’s hard for me to feel inspired to write in the way that I would need to for something like Blood Has Been Shed or Burnt by the Sun. I’m really not sure what the future holds.”

Blood Has Been Shed are of course most famous for featuring both Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones and drummer Justin Foley. The word of Olender working with the group has led some to speculate that Jones may be stepping down from the band, though nothing official has been announced.

Jones himself confirmed as recently as this past June that he would be involved with the outing.