Divine Heresy Bringer Of Plagues

Century Media 2009

Divine Heresy - Bringer Of Plagues


For a band as marred with controversy as Divine Heresy one would expect that the adversity they have endured would provide ample ammunition for an explosive sophomore effort. And yet, when considering former vocalist Tommy “Vext” Cummings‘ departure was so acrimonious that it ended with physical violence, “Bringer Of Plagues” isn’t even so much as a vindication, let alone an outlet for any cathartic aural reprisals.

Newcomer Travis Neal has since filled Cummings‘ vacancy, but his involvement hasn’t curbed the mixed results that this band continue to cultivate. As with their last offering “Bleed The Fifth“, Divine Heresy centralize their songwriting around drummer Tim Yeung‘s inhuman double kick stamina and guitarist Dino Cazares‘ cyber death tinged riffing. Unquestionably the pairs output is crushing in its implementation and comes off like a jackhammer being syncopated with a buzzsaw, but its repetitiveness and taxingly bland flavor leave so much to be desired.

Meanwhile, Neal, while more melodically capable than Cummings, adds little flavor to the mixture, even when attempting a painfully tepid ballad that sets up the closing track on the album. If that’s not bad enough, much of the guitar parts feel like shred by numbers leftovers that focus more on impact than staying power. With various members of the band balancing other projects and an album as forced and thin sounding as “Bringer Of Plagues“, it’s probably not a stretch to say that Divine Heresy is close to running it’s course; if not physically then creatively at least. Because as cruel as it may be, the only place these ‘plagues’ will likely spread to is the bargain bin at your local Hot Topic.