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Updated Alleged Booking Costs Of Faith No More, Megadeth, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Etc. (Updated)

Following a list of alleged booking costs for various artists from a third party booking agency, and reached out to numerous managers to find a more updated and accurate list of actual booking fees.

A sampling of the rock and metal-related offerings from the various brackets of the list they compiled (see the link above) include:


The Black Keys
Rolling Stones


Pink Floyd
Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers


Dave Grohl (solo)
Faith No More
Kid Rock
Linkin Park


Alice In Chains
Stone Temple Pilots
ZZ Top


Billy Idol
Foo Fighters
Limp Bizkit
Queens Of The Stone Age
Rise Against
Van Halen


3 Doors Down
Beastie Boys
Chris Cornell
Nine Inch Nails
Ozzy Osbourne
Smashing Pumpkins
Them Crooked Vultures


Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Iggy Pop
Puddle Of Mudd




Rob Zombie




Quiet Riot
Rollins Band


Alien Ant Farm
Andrew WK
Bloodhound Gang
Bring Me The Horizon
Rival Schools
Serj Tankian
Suicidal Tendencies
Travis Barker


Bam Margera


  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    2 white dudes who play the blues from Akron, Ohio cost a million to book?

    • BecomesMyVeryShackles

      I was going to post the exact same thing. I am completely dumbfounded how Black Keys can book for that much. This isn’t coming from a hater either, but this band’s last two releases have been meh at best. I recently saw that they are playing American Airlines, which is where I have seen Metallica, Tool, and Nine Inch Nails. You’re telling me that Lonely Boy and Gold on the Ceiling are THAT popular with the kids these days?!

  • star_AD

    $10’000 for Alien Ant Farm. That’s a steal.
    I saw them play a few years back and about 400 people showed up at $15 a pop. So I can see how this would be a great business endeavor.

  • mYstic headlock

    Is this really that current? Creed is on there. They aren’t a thing anymore they? My understanding was that Alter Bridge was Creed minus Scott Stapp. And the world is the better for it.

    Also, I’m in love with the fact that it’s cheaper to book Bam Margera than Andrew WK.

    • BlueBalls

      It’s fishy. Pink Floyd hasn’t played a show in 20 years. If $750,000-$999,999 was all it took to get a reunion, some festival promoter would have thrown that at them long ago.

      • jayofdajungle

        Considering they turned down 230 million dollars to play a final tour after the Live 8 reunion…

    • 2Ready2Jiggle

      I’m curious about these Pink Floyd bookings and the supposed Dave Grohl solo shows (which are apparently more expensive than Foo Fighters). I saw Foo Fighters pack the TD Garden in Boston three years back. There’s no way they cost less than Blink 182 or Kid Rock.

      Also, I find it hard to fathom how Puddle of Mudd are worth as much as Cake and Primus. Not in any world I want to live in.

      • tenwestchaser

        This whole list is suspect. I kept scratching my head the more I looked. Especially at the Pink Floyd numbers. Pretty sure there isn’t an amount of money large enough to make that happen. Unfortunately.

      • mYstic headlock

        Look I get that some people like Cake. They’re an abortion to my ears, but I made peace with that long ago. The question is: are THEY still a thing? I feel like a solid quarter of these bands are defunct.

      • jayofdajungle

        I have a couple friends who absolutely LOVE Cake, I liked a song or two but to like them THAT much. I don’t get the appeal. I think the bassist is pretty talented. The boring, monotone vocals put me to sleep though.

      • mYstic headlock

        That’s probably my chief complaint as well.

  • carlosfranco

    Two things. One why are the Beastie Boys on this list? You can’t book them. They don’t exist anymore. Second, if money was no object I would book one fucking amazing concert and it wouldn’t even take that much of it. It would go in no particular order: Filter, RHCP, Rage, Tool, NIN, Korn, Staind, Serj, Sublime, Styx, Stone Temple Pilots, Cake, Primus, Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, LB (1st and 2nd album only), Heart, Muse, Faith No More and Alice in Chains. And all of that could be done for about 7 million or less.

  • Lifeseclipse

    I have enough money for Megadeth! I wonder if they give Tea Party discounts?

  • deadsilence

    there’s no way megadeth costs so little to book…. and how does it cost more to book dave grohl by himself than it does to book his whole band????

  • pigtownblues

    The black keys need to really step it up after that last single if they wanna contend with alien ant farm in a two years

  • adamonfire

    There’s no way in hell this list is legit. Cake played a local festival that cannot blow $100k on a band that isn’t a household name, and I’m pretty sure you can book Limp Bizkit for a case of Red Bull and 5 red hats.

  • Sam Eagle

    Notice that the title contains the word ALLEGED.

    ALLEGED (adjective):

    (of an incident or a person) said, without proof, to have taken place or to have a specified illegal or undesirable quality.

    • 2Ready2Jiggle

      Well, get a load of the motherfuckin’ legal eagle over here!

    • BlueBalls

      “Alleged” is in the title here because wook is also skeptical. The title of the Business Insider article is “Here’s How Much It Really Costs To Book Your Favorite Band Or Artist For A Show.”

  • Rothiseph

    Bam Margera is probably so cheap to book because he’d cause around $100,000 of damage to his surroundings during the show. The backup theory is that he hasn’t offered any remotely interesting output since the cKy films.

    • mYstic headlock

      The 10,000 just covers his blow for the night.

    • 2Ready2Jiggle

      Who the hell would pay any amount of money at all to see Bam Margera do anything?

      Here’s my five bucks, now go ride a shopping cart down that hill. And when you’re finished, go curl up in a ball in the corner or the room and cry about your fear of snakes.

      • mYstic headlock

        Hey his band is really gonna take off if he ever wakes up on time to make it to his first gig.

        That’s another thing. Is this 10,000 for Fuckface Unstoppable or to watch Bam abuse his ballsack for an hour?

  • Tom

    i really dont think this is any more accurate in regards to actual shows than before. until i see a list like this that comes from an actual promoter (which will never happen) in regards to actual shows and not college corporate shit, theres no reason to believe the majority of these actually get this kind of money.

  • RhiNo

    There is no way it cost 1 million or more to book Nickelback. I’d want my million back… AH HA…

  • southpawchew

    I am so annoyed by red hot chili peppers music. Horrendous lyrics everything’s about California. They don’t even use real words. I’d be happy to never hear them again

    • adamonfire
    • tenwestchaser

      Right there with ya. Back in the day, I liked them just fine but as I get older I just can’t fucking stand them. For me, it’s mostly because of Anthony Keidis. I’ve also realized I’m not into much that would be considered funky but that’s a different conversation. Either way, I’m still alright with super early RHCP stuff and Flea is the man.

      • BlueBalls

        I don’t care for Anthony Kiedis much. I shared an elevator with him one time and he was kind of a dick. His dad is cool as fuck though.

        I liked everything they did up to and including One Hot Minute but their shit grew stale after that.

      • Aggroculture

        The dad was in the elevator too?

      • BlueBalls

        No, different occasions. We’re from the same town. My mom and Anthony’s mom used to work together at a law firm. That’s where I ran into him. He was visiting his mom and I was meeting with my lawyer after getting popped with an OUIL. This was like 11 years ago.

        I used to run into his dad at shows all the time. I haven’t seen Blackie around in a while though. The last time was at a Mudvayne concert back in 2008. He was wearing a bright red tux. It’s impossible to miss him.

      • jayofdajungle

        I love the RHCP, their albums have gotten better over the years in my opinion. I was concerned that John’s leaving…again..would be the end but the first album with Josh Klinghoffer is excellent. Anthony’s lyrics can be terrible at times but it doesn’t ruin it for me.

      • jayofdajungle

        Blackie LOVES attention.

      • Dave Trohl

        especially in michigan is an amazing song. i loved stadium arcadium, but i lost interest when john frusciante left the band. i haven’t heard much of the new album to make an adequate judgement.

    • mYstic headlock

      You’re just not from California man. You gotta be here to really GET it, you know?

      No in all seriousness, this band has been stale and boring since Californication. That album works OK for me, but everything after has been just grating.

      • Porpoise Orifice

        “Venice Queen” anyone? “Especially In Michigan,” “She’s Only 18.” Ummmm “Around the World?”
        You guys are killin’ me; the newest CD isn’t good but you’re missing 3 whole glorious CDs. Give them another shot but I still love you blueballs and Mystic Redcock.
        Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna jam the new tusk-wielding megafauna album.

      • mYstic headlock

        Wait why does my name go perverse but not BlueBalls? Oh wait I see…

        I’m really not hating on RHCP I just have no use for anything post-Californication.

      • BlueBalls

        It’s hard for me not to like “Especially in Michigan” because it’s a song written about my backyard and I understand every little reference he makes. That “Hump de bump” song is cool too and I love the fact that Flea plays bass and trumpet (because those were my first two instruments as well).

        I don’t hate them but for the most part, modern RHCP doesn’t do much for me. Maybe I’ll go back sometime and give some of it another shot. Not today though. “Once More ‘Round the Sun” will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        I do love the Michigan references in that song. RHCP were never a favorite of mine but S/T, Freaky Styley and Mothers Milk were way ahead of their time.

      • Porpoise Orifice

        I’m a nomad and “especially in michigan” gives me goose flesh. Looking forward to your guys’ thoughts of new Mastodon.

        Someone lead us off…

      • BlueBalls

        I’ve listened to it through a couple of times now. I can tell that I like it but I’m not sure how much just yet. I need more time to digest it and a copy that’s > 128 kbps. I think it’s going to be grower, which is a good sign.

        From my initial listens, I hear a bit of Leviathan, Crack the Skye and The Hunter in there, but at the same time, none of it feels rehashed. I know they said it’s not a concept album, but it’s a much more cohesive effort than the Hunter. These songs sound like they’re all meant to be together. The guitars and drums are top notch–easily some of the best shit they’ve written. I’m digging some of the stuff they’ve attempted with the vocals too. The polytextual vocals on “Asleep in the Deep” are a thing of beauty (don’t tell carlos).

        I’m looking forward to having a copy that isn’t shitty so I can crank it and still hear all the subtleties.

  • mYstic headlock

    Lostprophets? Now you’re just fucking with us.

    $50,000 plus international prison break.

  • Dax

    What? Mastodon for $75K but on the boxscore report last week they pulled down half or less of that from their sold out show at the 9:30 Club in DC. I was at that show and and the ass kicking was at a level where I gladly would have given them and Gojira some extra George Washingtons if they had their guitar cases open at the end of the stage.

  • nickygoods

    Act now and for a limited time if you purchase Aerosmith & the Rolling Stones we will throw in bam margera & puddle of mudd at no extra cost!!!

    • emvath

      That’s okay…you keep them.

  • Stenny

    More like, “At one time, these bands may or may have not have made this amount of money”

    The Rolling Stones are on this list guys. The fucking Stones wouldn’t have played for one million five-hundred thousand if they knew they could cure AIDs with that money.

    Tomahawk making more money than Rob Zombie? In Europe perhaps?

    311 at 250-350,000? They haven’t been able to sell out a 3,000 seat venue since From Chaos.

    and… and… Radiohead at 150 to 250,000$? Maybe during the Bends era.

    This list is a blunder, why am I commenting on this nonsense…………

  • KurtHammet

    Ozzy is 150-249K, but Black Sabbath is 100-149K?