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PBS Reporter Attempts To Deliver Live Report From Power Trip Mosh Pit During SXSW

A PBS reporter attempted to report live from the moshpit of Power Trip‘s set during Pitchfork‘s ‘Show No Mercy‘ showcase at SXSW this past week in Austin, TX. The station themselves uploaded the following footage of the failed attempt:


  • NoSalvation

    This is gold, too bad you can’t put a video on community service.

  • Downfault

    When did PBS get so hardcore?

    • Mikabass

      PBS is the whole reason why I got into Metal. They use to have a show back in 1996-1998 called on tour. that’s what got me into six feet under, pantera, whitezombie, Sepultura and others.


    Although it’s fake, apparently Jews and mosh pits don’t mix.

    • STH5563

      Ha! This comment right here. Thumbs up.