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Casey Sabol (Ex-Periphery) Releases “The Beginning Is Near”, Oh, Sleeper’s Shane Blay Guests

Former Periphery singer Casey Sabol has released the below new track “The Beginning Is Near“. It features guest appearances from Oh, Sleeper guitarist/vocalist Shane Blay and Cartographer‘s Brandon Covington.


  • Sniki

    “Dude, I have an idea! I can SO do a metal alternative to Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’ song!”

    PS. no, you can’t.

    • LucasHood

      sorry you didn’t like it man, i wasn’t going for a metal vibe at all though. too bad it came across that way to you. oh wellz


    This is by far more City Sleeps than Owl City. Good stuff Casey. CS were very underrated. Not An Angel was unreal!

    • LucasHood

      thank you so much man! and ya, that city sleeps record ruled!

  • traverwill

    Always refreshing to hear your voice, Casey.