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Dying Fetus Rumored For 2014 ‘Summer Slaughter Tour’

The organizers of the ‘Summer Slaughter Tour‘ are back with another potential 2014 lineup tease. The latest post simply reads “Pissing in the Mainstream.” This no doubt refers to Dying Fetus‘ track of the same name. Morbid Angel have previously been teased for this years edition of the tour in a similar fashion.


  • IamChristian

    This is good. I wish they would go with 5 awesome bands with longer set lists then 10 bands with 20 minutes each. Just add Cryptopsy, Cattle D, Necrophagist or Black Dahlia and this would be remarkable. All of the bands I named have previously been on Summer Slaughter. I would also like to throw out the names Behemoth, Suffocation, and Deicide.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Behemoth would be nice but you can only book so many bands on the same level. The remaining acts are likely to be of the support ilk.

    • IamChristian

      Dying Fetus
      I liked other bands that year also I’m just throwing out there the one’s I mentioned.

      I’m not saying they should have the same bands all the time. I was just throwing it out there that this is actually starting to sound like one of the better years.
      Wiki the previous SS tour’s and you’ll see a lot of the bands are one a similar level at the time of the tours.

  • nymets71087

    Thank you.

  • JimCroceLoverXEX

    Awesome. With the alleged line-up of Morbid Angel, The Faceless, Acacia Strain, After The Burial, Dying Fetus and Fleshgod Apocalypse this is gonna be amazing.