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Wayne Static Says “Static-X Is Done”

Wayne Static has once again put Static-X to rest. Speaking with, he blamed an arrangement with former Static-X bassist Tony Campos for the split, offering:

“The first leg of the tour actually went pretty well … I wanted to try to get the whole Static-X going again, get the name out there, so I made this deal with Tony, my former bass player, who owns 50 percent of Static-X — which him and I haven’t been getting along for years; it was really bad at the end. The last couple of tours, we never talked or anything like that… So I made this deal with Tony where I paid him ‘X’amount of dollars quarterly to use the name Static-X, which I thought was a pretty generous deal; he got a lot of money for doing nothing, for just sitting on his ass doing nothing.

I wish someone would give me some money for doing nothing. But I ended up developing this really bad hernia throughout the tour. And it kept getting worse and worse. It was from touring. I’m getting older and I guess I was pushing myself too hard; we were doing six shows in a row and all that kind of thing. I had a hernia belt on and I was shoving crap in there, trying to keep my guts from pushing out on stage. It was just getting worse and worse and worse, and it just got to the point where I couldn’t do it anymore, so I had to cancel the tour.

And then I asked Tony if we could take a break on the deal. Obviously, if I’m not working, how am I supposed to pay him? I don’t shit money; I am not made out of money. So he pretty much told me to fuck off. He’s, like, ‘Boohoohoo, you have a hernia. Sorry. Give me my money.’ … I told him, ‘Dude, give me a few months off to recuperate, and then we’ll start up the deal again.’ Cause I wanted to keep touring. But he wouldn’t do it.

Apparently, he was really pissed off because I said in some interviews that Static-X were never, like, all great buddies and friends and all that kind of stuff, and we never hung out. So he told me, like, ‘Since you said we’re not friends, then why should I help you out?’ I’m, like, ‘Who gives a fuck? It’s business, dude.’ And that’s the truth — we weren’t friends; we never hung out. And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s a lot of bands like that.

I wasn’t dissing him or any of the other guys in Static-X. The original lineup, we got on stage, we had a great chemistry, it was awesome, and then when we left the stage, we never talked to each other. There’s a lot of bands that way. Who cares? What’s wrong with it?

So that’s pretty much the end of it. Tony wouldn’t give me the break. I had to go have my surgery and take my time off, and he wouldn’t give me the break, so the deal lapsed, the deal’s done, Static-X is done. The end. No more Static-X.”


  • snake


  • Lifeseclipse

    This is the statement I released to myself after machine came out. Not news.

  • damn

    There will be an irreplacable void left in the world of music without the lyrical genious who penned, “Your shits like chocolate cake and your ass smells like a rose.” I cannot contain my sorrow.

    • Stereotypical Evil Archer

      Ha ha!

      I love Static-X’s cover of Talk Dirty to Me. Best thing they did since Wisconsin Death Trip

    • BlueBalls

      great pains I’ve gone to lame brain I’ve gone to gang slang looking for gold owwww uffffff.

  • xxdjpxx

    Thank you Tony. You have done a great service to humanity.


    “I’m, like, ‘Who gives a fuck? It’s business, dude.’ And that’s the truth — we weren’t friends; we never hung out. And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s a lot of bands like that.”

    Funny how he can’t see Tony’s perspective then, huh? It’s just business, right? So if you wanna go parading around as Static-X, you better be prepared to cut a deal with the other half of your “corporation” and stick with it. You said it yourself, you’re not friends. Why should he give a shit about your personal problems?

    Glad this band has been put to rest. Great debut, two decent follow-ups and nothing but garbage for the better part of a decade. I did see them live in 2009 and it was a fun, nostalgic time, but they ran their course “creatively” long before that.

    • BlueMoonRising


      Saw Static-X at The Ritz in Raleigh around 2001 or 02… Right before they came on stage(house lights out and intro music playing) someone from the crowd decided to throw some firecrackers at the drum set. Most of the crowd thought it was all a part of the show or something as we missed them being thrown. The drummer was PISSED as he should be. He came out and said they would leave if anymore BS like that happened. They came out and put on one hell of a show after that, with no more angst against the crowd. They were at least professionals.

      Sucks it came down to this, but lets be honest- not too many people are bent out of shape over this.

  • schuler

    Then I grab a rope and I hogtie ‘im.

  • booze

    Wayne should get Linkin Park’s bassist to fill in and keep touring.

  • TheLossOfBlood

    wow, not that i care about Static X, but that Tony dude is a total dick. No wonder why he got along with Dino from Fear Factory. That fat fuck is a dick too, and they both were in that shitty dick band Asesino. Just dick and shit everywhere.

    • TheMediaProphet

      Sounds like a party.

  • SteveTango

    Tony got into a motorcycle accident like 12 years ago and missed most of a Static-X tour…I wonder if he got paid for that time not on the road…….food for thought.

    Also it seems like Tony thinks his shit doesnt stink since he’s played for Ministry and joined Soulfly last year. Get a grip dude, you’re not that amazing.

    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      Not even anything close to amazing. This stuff was as generic as it gets IMO

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    Jesus, weren’t they already done? I couldn’t even remember the name of there 2nd album and beyond. That is way too much of a story to read on why some B grade nu metal band is calling it quits.

  • EyeOfEveryScorn


  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    Meh. Wayne Static solo show and Static X shows has the same playlist just with about 120 more people at the Static X show.

    • damn

      Wayne Static solo show eh? That has to be less than enjoyable.

      • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

        Show was at Mojoes in Joliet who get about 60% of all Chicagoland metal shows with Reggies Rock Club and Bottom Lounge getting the others.

        I thought about going because I thought it would be like $10-$12 but it was $25-$30 which I found to be fucking ridiculous for such an irrelevant band. Plus, Psychostick opened so yeah…………… He was billed as “Wayne Static of Static-X”

  • jampola

    He lost me at “so I made this deal with Tony, my former bass player, who owns 50 percent of Static-X”

  • ozarka

    Wayne is a super chill, humble guy. He worked hard at this, and I wish him the very best

  • ozarka
  • Vautour

    Wow. After doing some research, I just found out that Wayne Static is 47 years old and still gets to hump Tera Wray, who just happens to be 16 years younger. If I was him, I’d be over all that Static-X bullshit pretty quickly.

  • Sam Eagle

    I find it hard to believe that this band started out purely as a business arragement and nothing more.

    I also find it hard to believe that any reasonable person would agree to such an arrangement in the first place.

    People get involved with bands because there’s a level of comradery, an “us against them” mentality and because they share similar ideas and goals.

    They become sour though once someone decides they’re bigger than the others, or more deserving of a bigger share, or whatever. They suddenly lose focus of what their original goal was and dollar signs are all they can see. You can’t swing a dead cat without a band that it’s happened to.

    Regardless of the “arrangement” they had, I thought that resurrecting Static-X without the original line-up was a greasy move on Wayne’s part…then again, seeing as his solo album was a total flop and his shows were 50% Static-X material anyway, it shouldn’t have surprised anyone. As far as I was concerned, he was obviously attempting to cash in on Static-X’s success (but, in retrospect, maybe it his attempt to pay off Tony).

  • im on a horse

    Good. This band was god fucking awful.

  • My Farts Linger

    Wisconsin Death Trip was their only decent album, and even it was mediocre at best.

  • Aggroculture

    I like everything up to and including Cannibal. I did not like Cult of Static much, and the solo album was kind of meh.
    I saw them in 2009: great show.
    Then I made the mistake of seeing one of the solo dates: seriously one of the most embarassing shows I have ever seen. Especially for the Tera Wray topless dancing: WTF.
    He’s been dragging the name through the mud for a while now…all the more when he started calling his solo band Static-X.
    Take a breather, then come back with the old line-up in a few years time.

  • Travis

    Static-X for me have always kinda been just so-so for me. I enjoyed them thoroughly when they first came out as most of us back in the late 90′s did, but yeah throughout the years, they became really subpar and I could only really get into about roughly 2-3 songs of all the later albums if that. Wayne always seemed like a crazy, alright dude however. All I can say is, whatever ‘deal’ they had, that other asshole Tony is being over the top ridiculous for denying the usage of the name. It seems like Wayne was willing to work it out somehow and at the very least Tony could get royalties from album sales and tour income just from having his 50% cut of the name. It speaks volumes to me that he doesn’t want to interact in any way under the banner Static-X and also will not allow the name to be used. So the name is pretty well made irrellevent. Whatever, not big news really but that guys IS being a rather enormous asshole.