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Video Footage Of Metallica’s Pro Pinball Table In Action Posted

Some new footage of The ‘Metallica Pro Pinball‘ table in action has been made available online below. Also available is footage of competitive pinball player Lyman Sheats trying his hand at the table. The featured table is one of the four variants of Metallica-branded pinball tables released by Stern Pinball.


  • SFilthy

    The only thing more boring than listening to the new Metallica albums is watching someone play pinball while listening to Metallica.

  • schuler

    For their next 3D movie, they can track down that retarded kid and Fred Savage and make a sequel to The Wizard about a grown man hitchhiking around California playing Metallica pinball.

  • SiX50SiD

    i would pay a dollar….once.

  • Dixon Cider

    Once “Fuel” mode is achieved, you stop giving a shit about everything that comes afterwards and you die.

    • jayofdajungle

      I lolz in my pants

  • Sniki

    Seriously, there’s something called “competitive pinball playing”? And not just in that Tommy movie?