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Municipal Waste Launch Their Own ‘Toxic Revolution’ Ale

Municipal Waste have released their own ‘Toxic Revolution‘ stout ale. The group teamed with Three Floyds microbrewery for the ale, which is described as “a black liquid wall of death in your mouth.”

According to Three Floyds:

Toxic Revolution was borne of relentless experimentation, ancient alchemy, and hatred. Hatred of uninspired, flavorless beer. Municipal Waste demanded we brew a massive yet drinkable American style oatmeal stout perfect for winter shred sessions. Black as night and creamy on the palate with fruity, tropical hop notes balanced with roasted and chocolate malt. 50 IBUs, 8.5% ABV.”

The bands own Dave Witte said of the concoction:

“Being able to have a beer made for the band is awesome. Having a beer made for the band by Three Floyd‘s is incredible and a dream come true. Not only are they world class beer makers, they are great people and understand the band. They invited me out to help brew and it was such a great time! After tasting the pilot batch and stages of the brew itself, I can say that this is going to be one hell of a beer. Three Floyd‘s always outdoes themselves and this is no exception!”

The beer will be released next week through Three Floyds-affiliated vendors and distribution channels. More details can be found at with a look at the label for the ale available below:

Municipal Waste's Toxic Revolution


  • cma3585

    That’s the most metal description for a beer, ever.

  • tenwestchaser

    I can not wait to get my hands on some of these! 3F also did a batch with Eyehategod and Pig Destroyer! They’ve brewed with Amon Amarth and Lair Of The Minotaur in the past. I feel fortunate to live 2 hours from the brewery. Got a couple bottles of EHG’s In The Name Of Suffering black IPA at home and it’s so goddam good. Even with their love of metal aside, best brewery in the fuckin country. Dark Lord Day 2013 anyone???

  • tenwestchaser

    If this brew is anything like their music it’ll be fuckin good.

  • tentonwolf

    Heehee, black liquid wall of death in your mouth…

  • Alkeyhalikk

    Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up… with this new beer.

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    Seriously an amazingly metal idea. I have to try!

  • My Farts Linger

    As a borderline alcoholic, I can’t wait to give this at try.

    • My Farts Linger

      A try* (sorry folks, hard to type whilst utilizing the ole’ turd cutter).

  • G Scotty

    Does anyone know if this stuff is distributed nationally? I have a local beverage place in Albany that carries a bunch of stuff, just hoping this is something that ends up in there, sounds delicious. Tried to visit the website but its blocked at my work due to “Alcohol”…i feel like there’s a good joke to be made here but it’s just not coming to me.

  • 8 bit ninja

    I live in Chicago and about a half hour ride to the brewery. This is perfect timing as I just finished my case of Zombie Dust !

    • EyeOfEveryScorn

      I’m jelly. I haven’t tried anything by this brewery. I am seeing these guys in support of Anthrax/Exodus and it would be amazing if they sold this at shows.

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