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Cedric Bixler-Zavala: “I No Longer Am A Member Of Mars Volta” (Updated)

Vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala has made it public that he is no longer a member of The Mars Volta. He relayed the info tonight, January 23rd, via a series of tweets posted on his Twitter. Some of those tweets include:

“Thank u 2 all VOLTA fans u deserved more especially after the way u rooted for us on this album. I tried my hardest to keep it going But Bosnian Rainbows was what we all got instead. I can’t sit here and pretend any more. I no longer am a member of Mars Volta. I honestly thank all of you for buying our records and coming to our shows. You guys were a blast to play in front of We could never had done it with out you. My dream was to get us to the point were Jon Theodore and Ikey Owens came back but sadly it’s over”

“Thank u a million times over for ever giving a fuck about our band”

“For the record I tried my hardest to get a full scale North American tour going for Noctourniquet but Omar did not want to. I guess a break from mars volta means starting another band and ignoring all the support the fans gave us. I tried my hardest guys All I can do is move forward with my music and just be happy that mars volta ever happened at all. God Damn we had a blast. Thank u again”

“I just feel really guilty for not even really saying the truth because a hiatus is just an insult to the fans To all our fans all over the world thank you for giving a fuck. You all ruled! I don’t think ill ever hear a fist full of dollars the same My record will see the light of day soon and I’m excited because it sounds nothing like my previous endeavors.”

“And no I’m not joking about any of this, I owe it 2 u guys to all fans to be serious about”

“Thank u to all past members who helped Volta along as well. we blasted through like a comet and left our mark!”

“If u ever see me in person and want to know why I’ll tell u my story”

“Please just be happy that it happened at all remember all the opposition we were met with for just starting a new band back in 2001.”

“And for the record I’m still in love with ATDI. Proof was in MY performance. I would never get on stage if my heart was else where. I have cancelled shows before for knowing full well that my heart was not in it at that moment. Why? Because its an insult to the audience”

“2 be clear I’m not angry I just wanted to be honest with the people who have allowed me to make a living playing music. What am I suppose to do be some progressive house wife that’s cool with watching their partner go fuck other bands? We owe it 2 fans to tour”

As mentioned above, The Mars Volta‘s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has shifted his focus to Bosnian Rainbows. That outfit released a new track titled “Torn Maps” this morning via NME.


  • dontdoghb

    Omar… Ya blew it… capiche?

  • kturl69

    It’s also an insult to cancel shows because “your heart was into performing that evening.” Fucking smuck.

    • kturl69


  • rojasdivision

    I was one of the lucky few to see At The Drive-In’s reunion show in Dallas and while we heard that his mother had passed away a couple of weeks before the show, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez played without any passion while the rest of the band picked up the slack. Still will put that show as one of my top 5 shows ever.

    • WURST

      Shit was lame.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Loved De-loused, liked Frances, but never got into any further efforts. Still, its a shame when such innovative acts fall by the wayside. We’ll always have Cicatriz and Inertiatic to remember them by.

  • Relentless_Beating

    More proof Omar is a fucking tool, who thinks his shit don’t stink. Fuck that guy. It’s hilarious how many people came out and tried to make excuses for him and his poor excuse for a performance during the ATDI shows.

    No respect for the fans, period.

  • Dixon Cider


  • pinkmaggit

    I loved everything these guys released, and i don’t even do drugs. I’m also working on RE-buying all their stuff on vinyl. Already have Octahedron and Noctourniquet on vinyl and they’re both just killer.

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      That ltd 4xLP Frances will take quite the chunk outta your tax return!

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    That night I begged you to come to me
    The limp in your talk and the scent of your bleed
    And still I’m not willing to let you go
    You covered your wounds in a bandage of sloth
    The deeper the slur that rang from her laugh
    And something tells me to keep it together
    How could you turn your back on me
    I’ve summoned the stampede of infidel feet
    For all I ever wanted was all you ever flaunted
    Deviate all by means in name
    ‘Cause we all crawl in quicksand the same

    I’m crestfallen! Thanks, MV, for all the inspiration and creativity.
    Can’t wait to hear new solo goodies.

  • mono_666


  • BecomesMyVeryShackles

    As a TMV fan, you sort of saw this coming when Cedric wanted to seperate the gap between albums more, and Omar just shits out albums every other week. (Good shit but hard to follow in these economic times) I agree with one of the other posters that said after Frances the Mute they kind of stopped writing good albums and just wrote great songs on good albums. I still think Goliath, Viscera Eyes, Teflon, and In Absentia were some of their greatest songs that just happened to be on good (not great) albums. Unfortunately, I don’t see Omar or Cedric releasing better music on their own. It seems like it could fizzle out like Serj and Daron for System of a Down, where both sides are lacking that “other” guy to unify the sound. *Whew*

    • BecomesMyVeryShackles

      I meant they stopped writing GREAT albums.

  • Surly


  • jayofdajungle

    I was one of the Omar apologists, I’m not ashamed to admit I was dead wrong. Fuck this guy, fuck Bosnian Rainbows.

  • adaptedtorment

    Yea! How dare this Omar guy make music he loves with a hot chick that he is banging! (sarcasm) Are u people serious? I’m sure not everybody here gets to do what they enjoy when it comes to work but I’m sure that if everyone here got paid to do what they loved it probably wouldn’t matter to them what all the Negative Nancys had to say. I am just as disappointed as anyone, (I saw them 20 times and not once in my hometown), but shit don’t last forever. As far as I remember, all of the great bands of the past (i.e. Beatles, Zep, Floyd) broke up. All of the bands you like now will someday breakup. I believe the saying goes: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      You remember The Beatles breaking up? You might be a little out of the target demo there old man.

      • adaptedtorment

        Nah bro I’m 31… I’m just saying that they did. Here let me try bands I love that broke up that are more recent: Faith No More, Pantera, Ween, Life In Pictures. Sooner or later they all break up (Except for the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith who are really just robots since all of the real members OD’d years ago).

      • adaptedtorment

        I forgot about Dog Fashion Disco and Isis!

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Try to comprehend the grieving process and allow us humans to deal with this cataclysmic downer.

      • My Farts Linger

        Truth. Not to mention that these guys have cranked out more albums in their short career than most do in a career twice the length. At some point, your creativity and passion venture elsewhere.

  • notafan

    I’m still waiting for Omar to do a side project with Rob Thomas considering how bad he’s trying to be this generations Santana. Also saw ATDI at Lollapalooza – dude didn’t give 2 shit’s – CASH GRAB.

  • Hotdog Fingers

    Omar has always been his own biggest fan. His piss poor performances w/ ATDI was basically the finger to all the fans that allowed him to continue to have a career. I’m glad Cendric is pointing out how lame he was for phoning it in. After seeing vid of the Coachella shows, I decided to spend my $ seeing Refused instead. Choice. I understand that you have do what is best for yourself, but old dude is a pretentious fuck.