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Norma Jean Offer Studio Update On New Album

Norma Jean singer Cory Brandan has checked in from the studio with the following update regarding their progress with the recording of their new full-length album:

“We have been in the studio for 13 days now tracking our 6th full length record at Covenant Recording Studio in Kansas City. We love Kansas City! What a great place to live. Good people and definitely a LOT of good food.

At this point we have 7 songs tracked on drums and 7 more to go. We are looking at a 11 or 12 song track listing with a few left over for other special releases. We have been working very closely with producer / engineers Joshua Barber and Aaron Crawford. Awesome dudes with a lot of great ideas. They’ve definitely helped us push ourselves to do more with the record.

Our days have pretty much consisted of going from the apartment to the studio and back. We’ve been fairly isolated in the sounds of the studio. Because of that, we have found a new enthusiasm in and old past time… sitting in the back of our van late at night and having a few drinks. We spend most of the time talking about the record but it’s also a good way to get away and hang. We call it “Van Hanglin.”

We really like the idea of talking about the songs and all getting connected to them emotionally / psychologically. It’s something we learned while working with Ross Robinson. It’s a great way to get all of us on the same page and fused in a common vision, even though we may have different interpretations. We believe that if we all know what every song is about then we WILL play the songs differently and with more passion. Van Hangs has been our way of achieving all that on this record and it’s been a lot of fun too. Yeah, we’re kind of hippies when it comes to writing and recording a record.

We aren’t ready to release the record title just yet. I think we just want to make sure it’s the best fit. It’s coming soon.

We spent almost 2 years writing this. We have definitely found so many ways to expand on what we’ve done before and progress into making something new. This is definitely something new, but don’t misunderstand. It’s heavy! We’re metal heads! Born and raised.

See you all soon enough.


  • Abe

    Damn right we have great food in Kansas CIty

  • star_AD

    Is Scottie Henry even a part of this band still?

    • jampola

      Wikipedia says he will be part of the record but no citation though. Seriously, I had no idea that He and Chris had even left??

      I am looking forward to this since I really enjoyed Meridional. I’m not one of those “Oh, Bless the Martyr was their best stuff, everything else is shit” kinda guys but still, these guys always come up with solid tunes. I even reckon half of The Anti Mother is decent and that’s their worst album IMHO.

      • ethos

        Definitely, I thought Meridional might’ve ever been their best yet. I’ll be checking this out for sure

      • jampola

        While we’re at it.

        1: O’God the Aftermath
        2: Bless the Martyr
        3: Meridional
        4: Redeemer
        5: The Anti Mother

      • star_AD

        Gotcha, yeah same here I thought Meridonial was badass, Chris and Scottie write some sick ass riffs. I was just put off by Anti-Mother a bit, it had about 3 songs I really liked. Stoked to hear this new stuff. Also I seen these guys a few times live and they never disappoint.

      • ethos

        This might be unpopular, but I’d put O’god under redeemer. Other than that, I’m pretty good with Jampola’s list. Bless the Martyr and Meriodonal are almost tied for me.

        Also, I have no idea what I was thinking with the placement of the word ‘ever’ in my last post.

  • kturl69

    Norma Jean kicks so much ass. The best live band I’ve ever witnessed. So much intensity it makes Kurt Angle look like a little school boy. Oh God, The Aftermath 5 outta fucking 5 stars.