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Deftones To Issue Limited Edition Cassette Single With “Koi No Yokan” Pre-Orders

The Deftones have launched pre-orders for their highly anticipated new album, “Koi No Yokan“. The group aren’t exactly out to impress with the options however, offering the following as part of the package which can now be picked up on

- Full Album on CD delivered on 11/13/12
- Digital Album delivered on 11/13/12
- Instant Download of ‘Tempest
- 24″ x 24″ Limited Edition Lithograph
- Koi No Yokan Album Cover T-Shirt

100 randomly selected fans who pre-order through the above-mentioned site will receive a lithograph signed by the band. iTunes pre-orders have also commenced and boast an instant download of the groups new single “Tempest“. “Koi No Yokan” is slated for a November 13th release date.

Those seeking a more collectible option may want to hold out and pre-order the album at the bands merch table during the stops of their ongoing North American tour with Scars On Broadway. Those who do just that will receive a limited edition two song cassette single from the band featuring their new tracks “Leathers” and “Rosemary” (see below for artwork). Be warned though, this offer is only available to the first 50 people to pre-order at each show.

Dates for the bands ongoing tour with Scars On Broadway include:

10/16 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
10/17 Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
10/19 Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
10/20 Kansas City, MO – Harrah’s
10/21 Columbia, MO – Blue Note
10/23 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
10/24 Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre
10/26 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
10/28 Philadelphia, PA – The Electric Factory
10/29 Boston, MA – HOB Boston
10/30 New York, NY – Terminal 5
11/14 Dallas, TX – Palladium Ballroom
11/15 San Antonio, TX – Sunken Gardens
11/17 Tempe, AZ – The Marquee
11/18 Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues
11/19 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
11/21 Los Angeles, CA – Palladium

Deftones's Koi No Yokan Pre-Order Cassette


  • Dax

    They give the first single out for free digitally, then issue a cassette tape?!? Well, where is the flexible record like what McDonalds gave away in the 1980s with the BLT song on it? And where they hell is the preorder with some vinyl?


      And more importantly: Where’s the beef?

  • Ortegasm

    Why has nobody ripped Rosemary yet??

  • Aries Veil

    Where the fuck am I supposed to find a working cassette player? You can’t even buy them at Radio Shack anymore.

    • booze

      Half the kids who buy records these days don’t even own “vinyl players”. I think it’s more a collectable thing than a music thing at this point. 8-Tracks will be back before you know it.

    • TheMediaProphet

      Might be cheaper to buy a Datsun with a cassette player in it.

    • Donnie Narco
    • cma3585

      I’ll trade cars with you if you’d like. It’s got a rockin’ cassette deck.

    • Fred Burst

      I own a tape deck!

    • Fred Burst

      I own a record player!

    • Fred Burst

      I own an 8 Track Player!

      (Not even kidding.)

  • Surly

    I’ve only got a semi for this…shame.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    One of The Sword’s pre-orders for Apocryphon featured a cassette of the whole album. Too bad no one makes 8-tracks these days.


    Smashing Pumpkins did the same thing with the recent deluxe edition of Pisces Iscariot. It’s meant to be a neat little gimmick, not the main attraction.

  • fortybelownj

    hehe interesting, I don’t have a working cassette player either tho

  • Lifeseclipse

    Still have my old cassettes, and a couple players. Why would people throw away old stuff? If it still works you can box it up and put it away in the attic or spare room or something. I’ve still got my Atari 800XL home computer, bragging about it’s 64k memory on the box. Don’t care about getting another cassette though, if I have the CD. If the cassette contained non-album tracks, then I’d get worked up about it.

    • MyDarkPassenger

      Theres TV shows about people like you, and I aint talking Antiques Roadshow.

      Know when its time to throw shit away. If only for your dignity’s sake.

      • Lifeseclipse

        I keep old audio stuff because I own a studio. It always comes in handy. My old game systems I keep because I play them. The only other old shit I’ve held on to is my G1 Decepticons. Other than that, my house is pretty empty.

      • kturl69

        Owning a studio doesn’t mean that little shack you have in your backyard. You probably belong on the tv show “Hoarders.” I bet you have cockroaches, rats and centipedes playing tackle football in your living room.

  • dmoe

    I still have my bright yellow Sony Walkman. Bring it :D

    • Lifeseclipse

      I have been defeated. Is that the waterproof(rain) sport one? My dad had that one. Batteries inside the tape door. Brilliant.

      • dmoe

        The very same one.

  • carlosfranco

    Am I the only one that just thinks it’s kinda funny? Bravo Deftones for being just that little bit more original. That’s why we love you.

  • Ortegasm
  • MyDarkPassenger

    Weird gimmick, great track (Rosemary). Thanks to the guy up there for the linkage.

  • clintaur

    not many on this site know that bands STILL release cassettes. THOU for instance. OLD MAN GLOOM. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM. and many others. vacation vinyl has a whole table full of brutal metal tapes NOT OF YESTERYEAR. but TODAY.

    • Vautour

      GREAT. Nobody gives a FUCK, though.

  • Aaron Durst

    you can actually just buy the tape at the show. It comes with a digital download of the album that will be released on November 13th. 15 bucks you get a tape and a download of the album, I thought it was worth it, and after listening to rosemary on tape, it definitely was worth it.