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Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson Feud Boils Over At Detroit, MI Show

Egos have begun to clash at Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson‘s ongoing “Twins Of Evil Tour“. Last night’s Detroit, MI stop saw Zombie and Manson call out each other onstage with various insults, some footage of which can be seen below.

Apparently the feud began as a result of the production setup of Rob Zombie‘s closing performance allegedly cutting into Manson‘s allotted set time at recent shows—a move which also seemingly occured the night prior in Rosemont, IL— causing Manson to sling the following barb towards Zombie on Twitter:

“Sorry to Chicago for not getting to play “Beautiful People.” You can sing it in between Zombie songs, his band has already played it. “

Zombie himself took to his Facebook earlier today (October 13th) to clarify the situation with the following:

“As stupid as this all is, I feel I must clear things up a little better. First off, I want to thank all the fans who came out in the freezing cold in Detroit last night. It was a total blast as always.

Unfortunately things turned ugly backstage. Why? I don’t know, but for some reason our touring partner decided to end his set by blaming me for something that I had nothing to do with and screaming he was going to “kick Rob Zombie’s ass as soon as he got off stage”.

Go figure. I was backstage hanging, watching the show thinking “hey this is gonna be a great night”, when suddenly he starts screaming threats. So strange. I don’t get it. Christ, I’ve known some of his crew for 20 fucking years and some of his crew used work for me. It’s all good. No one would fuck with someone’s show. It is ridiculous.

Well, of course I felt the need to respond to the ” kick my ass remark”. Who wouldn’t? Although I wish I had kept it backstage and kept the fans out of it. It is all 4rd grade fight after school nonsense of which I have never dealt with on tour before. Co-headlining tours always go smooth because everything is cut 50/50 and I mean everything. No one fucks with anyone’s show. It is even fucking Steven.

I’ve done it co-headlining tours many times before and have had no troubles. Not with Pantera, Slayer, Alice Cooper, Korn, Megadeth or anyone ever. So I didn’t expect any troubles on this. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

But shit happens. Anyway, sorry to the fans who had to dealt with the embarrassing stupidity of it all. We are all there for the same reasons to give you the best show ever… that’s it.”

Meanwhile, MelvinsBuzz Osborne is likely as happy as a pig in shit.


  • jg566

    I guess Jonathan Davis is glad he left early.

  • DickScream

    “Meanwhile, Melvins‘ Buzz Osborne is likely as happy as a pig in shit.” lol, nice Wook!

    • dmoe

      haha, love your avatar.

  • adamonfire

    This may come as a surprise, but I was there. I thought it was just an act, because Manson was talking about how he had to get off the stage and kick someone’s ass. When Zombie was like “look at this, does it look like it’s been kicked?” I thought it was just some wrestling-like act. Good show anyways.

  • whatisyourforte

    Thank god they didn’t fight, i’d hate to see someone’s guyliner run!

  • rudestyle

    cat fight for the ages

  • irreversiblemess

    there’s a great white joke to be had here.

  • kturl69


    • kturl69

      BTW whats up with MI shows causing all this havak? First Wayne Static cancels the rest of his tour after The Machine Shop and now this? We must be putting out some bad vibes here in the D.

      • EyeOfEveryScorn

        Jose Valverde is putting up bad vibes in Detroit.

      • adamonfire

        Leyland won’t pull him, he’s too loyal. Should’ve had someone warming up after the first HR. Then to follow that up with a walk after getting ahead 0-2 is inexcusable.

      • kturl69

        Too loyal? He’s Fernando RodneyX2. He sucks. Period. Dot.

      • BlueBalls

        Delmon Young is the man. Papa Grande can eat a bag of dicks.

      • adamonfire

        Except Rodney was 48/50 in save opportunities this year, which is way better than 35/40. Oh yeah, and Rodney also makes $7,250,000 less per year.

        Delmon Young is going to yell at so many Jewish people if they win again today.

    • jayofdajungle

      Manson > Zombie, actually a “>” doesn’t explain how much better Manson is. He can rest his on his laurels from Portrait, Antichrist, Mechanical Animals, and Hollywood alone. Rob Zombie could work on one album for the next ten years and not make anything close to Manson’s worst albums.

  • dontdoghb
  • Obi-Juan Valdez

    This is all so 1997.

  • BecomesMyVeryShackles

    In honor of the feuding, Zombie changed all of the “Yeah”s in his lyrics to “No”s.

  • tentonwolf

    Manson tried blaming a short set in ‘Kato on a fan and security. Handful up front row fans got pretty jacked up/crushed(Their fault I guess) and the bouncers were also serious D-bags for trying to clear out room for a younger female of whom was pinned up against the barricade and eventually carted off in an ambulance. Love Manson’s music and still kills it live with a lesser band than that of yesteryear. Dude was on stage for maybe an hour tops, that’s probably being generous though. Get your shit together Warner.
    Zombie please stop playing mars needs women n that sick bubblegum bullshit! You got John 5, let him showcase his skills and try to write music that isn’t quite so rah-tarded. K I’m done.

    • Ganglor

      Wait wait wait…so the bouncers were d-bags for trying to help an injured woman out of the crowd so she could get medical attention? No, totally, fuck those guys for trying to do their jobs. The barricade broke and people got hurt halfway through Manson’s set, what else were they supposed to do? Manson probably needed the breather anyway. The man has packed on the pounds since I last saw him.

      • tentonwolf

        Thinking the sarcasm was wasted on you…
        Could’ve been a poor delivery on my part though.

    • Ganglor

      Oh God, the time machine going to 1999 is slowly breaking down! Someone call Powerman 5000 to fill in!

      • Surly

        Ganglor from left field.

  • southpawchew

    Awe they are fighting on twitter, someone make bunch of jello and fill a kiddy pool with it so they wrestle it out. Then when they are done Manson can put on his body suit and they can snuggle together on their tide cleaned sheets!

    • BecomesMyVeryShackles

      Jello would be weird, but the first thing I thought of when I read this article was wouldn’t it be great if MTV still had Celebrity Deathmatch? That show could’ve capitalized on this hissy fit.

  • SenorSuarez

    Why is Green Day not on this tour?

    • kturl69

      Because Zombie has more money than GD.

      • rockout54

        according to celebritynetworth, this is untrue. Billie Joe Armstrong (55 million) vs Rob Zombie (40 million).

      • kturl69

        This is actually pretty surprising to me. Who really knows if that site is completely accurate. I would of guessed with Zombies movie career he would be worth a lot more. Oh well. I`ll take it for what its worth.

  • massdeath

    Wow, who would have thought that these two talentless douchebags would have trouble getting along?

  • Pank On Da Inside

    They should play the game Stamina to settle their differences.

    Stamina – 2 males jack each other off, first one to cum by the hands of the other individual is proven to be a fag.

    • jayofdajungle

      I wanna play, I’m going to call my brother

  • ilikepie4444
  • geoisdef

    Imagine if either of these two queens voiced there problems to a dude working a 9-5 and scraping buy ? The ensuing ass beating would make mike tyson’s 1986 boxing championship knockout look like a blowjob festival.

  • pinkmaggit

    Zombie is lucky Manson didn’t do him like he did Garth Brooks!

  • AJP
    Night Before Rosemont, Il
    I know Zombie’s people sabotaged his set list with a 20 minute delay. Manson blew the minds of all the losers there with tattoos of Rob Zombie on their shoulder.

  • goop

    It is kind of funny these guys drag their complaints out for the whole world to see. Seriously if they just played their set minus a song or two, most fans would not notice or care. I will never understand why people waste time on Twitter.

  • INeverWanted.

    4rd grade

  • metaldetected

    Considering I’m not really a hardcore fan of either of these (they made some decent albums “back in the day”)… I’m confused– where the fuck does Alice Cooper come into play? Zombie’s singing School’s Out and saying Fuck Manson… then Manson’s saying fuck Alice Cooper?! LOL. I missed the bitching and fighting because I was hung up on what Alice Cooper did to fuck up everyone’s good time! I don’t know who could take who even… nobody even knows how old Zombie is, because he’s worn that antique “I’m a 400 year old zombie” make-up for the past decade– maybe that’s because he is, indeed a 400 year old zombie at this point. La Sexorcisto was 20+ years ago, no? So he’s gotta be late 40′s minimum; Manson no younger… and for fuck sakes at this point, I REALLY don’t want to see his pale white ass flapping around in the wind… mOBSCENE? No, your heinous fucking ass hanging out is obscene. I would rather watch a horse’s dick lipstick for 2 hours than this. That’s just me, though.

    I’m willing to bet there was just a lot of bitching and “fuck you’s” and nobody laid a hand, or a cane or anything on anyone else. It’s all theatrics… it may have been a real pissing contest, but correct me if I’m wrong, that’s about all it probably was.

    If one is more badass than the other, I want to see a recreation of the Danzig video where he gets his ass knocked out cold for talking shit. Now, whatever, he’s Glenn Danzig– but when you pop your mouth off to someone who’s about a foot taller than you and has more than just words in exchange for yours… you get your ass knocked-thefuck-out. Danzig is no exception. Could he knock me out? Surely. Can he knock anyone out? Apparently– not. So that’s my point. Stop cat fighting like bitches and someone just use your fist and NO Brian… use it to PUNCH. Face. Not for ass caverns. We’re not fisting each other’s assholes, we’re having a fight. Do you know what that is? *Rob Zombie* decks him for being such a demented fucking creeper pervert for the past 25 years. At least Zombie doesn’t… pull his dick out and show his ass cheeks for the whole GD world. Don’t get me wrong, I could give a fuck less about either one of them, I don’t care who is “cooler”… but I think yeah, Zombie gets a bit of favor for not jerking his dick off in front of people and exposing his asshole and whatever other weird, sick shit Manson has done over his generously-lengthy career. I wonder what kind of shitstorm I just unintentionially created, since as said, I’m not even partial to either of these old men. I just want to see one of them; either of them ACTUALLY kick the other one’s ass. Then this article would at least have something REAL to talk about. Me, I make my own conversation. I don’t count.

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