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Confide To Return With New Album, Launch $30,000 Kickstarter Campaign To Fund It

Confide have decided to return with a new album and have launched this Kickstarter campaign to help fund the effort. The band are seeking to raise $30,000 dollars for the album and stated the following regarding that rather high price:

“The minimum goal that we discussed and chose for this project to happen was $30,000. The initial sight of that number may be overwhelming, but when taken into consideration that the average album cost (supported by a record label) is anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 (give or take, based on different circumstances), we believed that this was a reasonable goal. Every cent being raised is being poured directly back into this album, as the video above briefly explains [see the aforementioned Kickstarter link.]

Please keep in mind that $30,000 is our “minimum” goal for this project; that amount has been budgeted out to be just enough to fund the entire writing and recording process properly. Anything over $30,000 would allow us to financially invest more into this album, providing an even better record for you!”



    Fuck you, motherfuckers! Get off your asses and break your back to achieve your dream like the rest of us. Better yet, each one of you go take out a bank loan and pay for your own shit.

    I’m sick of these fucking bands releasing these statements that are worded to sound as if they AREN’T begging for money from their fans and are doing YOU a favor by releasing new material (see quote below). Go fuck yourselves with each others’ fists, assholes.

    “Anything over $30,000 would allow us to financially invest more into this album, providing an even better record for you!””

    • Of_One

      But if you drop 2 grand you go to DISNEYLAND with one of them!!!!

      • Ska_Mitzvah

        I assume the band member will make the winner pay for the trip as well lol

  • fake

    This is so fucking lame. Bands likes Xaphan are recording killer shit on a god damn ipad!! I’ve never heard (of) this band before and I’m so put off at the idea of this catching on as a trend on. Fuck this band.


    You know what happens with the donated money when they don’t hit their intended goal? They pocket the shit.

    • aaronofnero

      haha dude if you don’t hit the goal, all the money is refunded. It’s in kickstarter’s policy statement.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      If they don’t hit the 30k the money goes back to the people who invested in the project…

    • WURST

      Well that one point scored in their favor.

    • jrr

      Just to make sure misconceptions are getting straightened out correctly, backers don’t get charged until the funding goal is reached. If it’s never reached, then their money was never touched.

      The real potential issue is when the funding goal is reached, but then the people running the project fall short of making it happen.

  • fake

    Will it be itemized? What if they hit 30k and make the record for 10k?

    • aaronofnero

      they could spend $500, or they could spend $100,000 and use 30k to help pay towards that amount. All that they’re obligated to do is record songs and release it to the audience that helped fund the opportunity to do so. This really isn’t that difficult or shady of a way to get financial support for a business endeavor. It’s not all that different than how most businesses operate with financial investors or profit shares. the “return” to the “investor” just happens to be a product – and if their fan base wish to support that, they can happily do so.

      • G Scotty

        you can justify this all you want aaronofnero…the fact remains, i remember when my support to a band came from buying the CD, not paying to help them make it, and then having to buy it anyways. For bands, not regular businesses, this seems like a very shady way to generate money for a project. I’m sorry but we as humans just play it too damn safe, if you have faith in your project and a record label also has faith in your project, then go get loans and help from the label to put out your record. Take a risk, take the hit when it doesnt take off, or reap the rewards when it does.

        Oh, and how does the fans donating more money allow you to make a better record? Does money make you write better songs?!? Don’t give me any shit about recording techniques, there is shit form 15-20 years ago that sounds better than today’s all digital, no warmth sound. End rant…

      • aaronofnero

        I don’t really have to try and justify it. It’s a pretty simple foundation. Yes, your support once came from buying a record, but now people have popularly chosen not to buy CDs and prefer to show their support by “liking” a facebook page. Let’s be honest with ourselves – the prior business model no longer exists as a financial success. Why should a band have to take out a loan or sign to a label just to try and succeed? Furthermore, the difficulty in obtaining a 5-figure loan for any average person (or musician) nowadays is trivial, and a handful of labels aren’t exactly interested in taking those risks as they generally have employees to worry about (the few they have left to operate). And no, you’re not just giving money to the band and not getting anything in return.. if you follow the tier-awards for donations, you get what you would have spent on the record anyways, but with more options to get involved for additional benefits. Again, not a difficult process to understand. It’s the same as a pre-order.

        I won’t debate whether or not more money would allow for a better record. That all comes down to personal preference. Obviously, more money can buy more time and more equipment, but you’re treating this as if it’s not a business but rather some frat party extravaganza. If you wanna talk about records from 15-20 years ago, you’re talking about a $30k budget that wouldn’t even pay for one song. Technology has allowed for things to get cheaper and more efficient, and still have certain qualifications of sounding equally impressive as music from 2 decades ago. The music may not be any better, but we’re here to complain about a kickstarter campaign aren’t we? Not the band’s music right? I fail to see how this is at all a poor business model or in bad taste on the band’s part. the ONLY discrepancy i’ve seen that makes any logical sense against the model is offering a financial “share” rather than a product as a return on the investment, in which case the band would have to divvy up royalties to the people who all chipped in.

      • jrr

        @G Scotty

        “…not paying to help them make it, and then having to buy it anyways.”

        Actually, for $10 you get the digital download and for $25 you get the “hardcopy,” which I assume is a CD.

        Maybe there’s other bands that aren’t offering the album as a part of the rewards, but if so, that’s just stupid. In cases like this, if it’s a band you really like and have confidence in, I see little difference in paying for the album ahead of time (especially if it means helping a band avoid dealing with a label).

        Oh, but $25 is definitely a ridiculous price in order to have to get physical version. They shouldn’t be offering it for anything more than what it would retail for.

  • Quietview

    I don’t think I have a problem with this in theory. However, Confide’s wording and yeah, that last sentence, made me cringe.

  • kturl69

    I heard Motley Crue used Kickstarter in an effort to raise enough drug money to last through the summer of 89′. If I wasn’t 2 years old at the time, I would of gladly gave them $10 over these assclowns.

  • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

    Pig Dicks.

  • schuler

    Who is Confide?

  • coolguy2424

    I will give each member 300 bucks if they promise to never record another note of music ever again. Their “music” is headache inducing rubbish. Fuck off and go get a job at Wal-Mart or something.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    If you want a good Hardcore band listen to OFF! they released their debut album (self titled)this year, great record, the band was created by a member of Black Flag I think.

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      correction their self titled is their second album.

    • coolguy2424

      Nice dude! Yeah, OFF! rules. Keith Morris is the lead singer/ former Black Flag singer/ screamer. On drums is Mario Rubalcaba from Earthless!!!! Earthless is one of the greatest stoner rock bands out there now. He was also in Rocket From the Crypt I believe. Cool OFF! show here:

  • Relentless_Beating

    It’s funny to hear fans these days rip into bands that are doing this, not realizing that because of them, bands have to do things like this.

    Fan’s wanna steal bands music off the internet, that’s cool though.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    How bout they pay me 30 grand and I will promise not to kickstarter them in the nutsack.

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