Confide To Return With New Album, Launch $30,000 Kickstarter Campaign To Fund It


Confide have decided to return with a new album and have launched this Kickstarter campaign to help fund the effort. The band are seeking to raise $30,000 dollars for the album and stated the following regarding that rather high price:

“The minimum goal that we discussed and chose for this project to happen was $30,000. The initial sight of that number may be overwhelming, but when taken into consideration that the average album cost (supported by a record label) is anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 (give or take, based on different circumstances), we believed that this was a reasonable goal. Every cent being raised is being poured directly back into this album, as the video above briefly explains [see the aforementioned Kickstarter link.]

Please keep in mind that $30,000 is our “minimum” goal for this project; that amount has been budgeted out to be just enough to fund the entire writing and recording process properly. Anything over $30,000 would allow us to financially invest more into this album, providing an even better record for you!”