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All That Remains’ Phil Labonte: “Tom Morello Is A Communist And A Fool”

All That Remains frontman kept it short and sweet with his assessment of Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. Speaking on Morello‘s recent scathing op-ed piece regarding Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, Labonte, a staunch libertarian himself, stated:

Tom Morello is a communist and a fool. He’s also had the wool pulled over his eyes by the system.”

Labonte and God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle eventually wound up discussing the subject on Twitter. That conversation saw Labonte later clarify his statement, offering:

“I’m not saying he’s dumb, I’m saying he’s a fool for the statist perspective that our government is good w a democrat is in office.”


  • Metalinfect

    Phil’s opinion about anything is equal to piss and shit.

  • Snapcase78

    So the redneck speaks…


    Right about now I’d rather be forced to listen to the album by that idiotic-looking band being advertised at the top of the page than have to hear Labonte and his bullshit.

    • schuler

      They are so gothic they fart darkness.

    • WURST

      They are so gothic they shit turds in white face.

    • ethos

      clearly, judging from these comments, they are too evil to excrement normally.

      • picobo

        I regret to inform you that these gentlemen are not evil but good hearted avengers… they help hoes from pimps and shit!

        I know, I was surprised as well… but see for yourself:

    • 8 bit ninja

      Just looked them up, it’s random guy x from the band Droid. This is utter shit and unacceptable, this Sunflower shit. Please make a new Droid album because that was the shit…shit.


        The Droid album sucked dick. Even Chino couldn’t save that shit.

      • schuler

        Wasn’t Droid a numetal band when numetal was who cool who then put out a Meshuggah wannabe record when Meshuggah wannabe records were coming out of the woodwork?

  • AMeN

    Right Tom Morello went to Harvard, and what Phil has his GED? What a fucking tool.

    • WURST

      In his defense, the abundance of book smarts doesn’t mean you possess common sense and reasoning. I have a friend that is a smart motherfucker and works for NASA but the dude has zero common sense. It’s weird. However, I don’t doubt Morello is all around smarter than Labonte.

      • Stereotypical Evil Archer

        Wurst, I disagree. Morello is a class-act and has a more worldly view.

        Having a Harvard degree doesn’t mean you’re smart, but Morello definitely seems to be far more intelligent (book-smart and street-smart) than Labonte.

        Watch past interviews. Morello is no stranger to political talk shows.

      • WURST

        I disagree with your reading comprehension skills, bro. Everything you just said is essentially what I said.

    • zomgpapi

      Ouch, put some ice on that burn lol

    • TattooPanda

      Going to Harvard does not make one “smart”. It just means he dot indoctrinated into a left-wing world view that is complete horseshit. Lebonte has the ability to think for himself and knows Morello is an idiot.

      Rage’s message has never been anything more than comedic gold.

      • BlueBalls

        Romney has two degrees from Harvard, so there goes that retarded conservative meme. The people who make these ridiculous claims are usually people incapable of higher learning and envious of those who are. Sometimes republican politicians echo this line of “thought”, but they are simply pandering to the dumb vote–which unfortunately is a huge chunk of the population.

      • UhMilhouse

        I love this. Being intelligent enough to go to Harvard means one has been “indoctrinated” with a “left-wing world view.”
        Maybe that’s because there’s no such thing as a “right-wing world view.” It’s a perfect example of that Isaac Asimov quote about people believing intellectualism is somehow a bad thing so they take to the side of ignorance.

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    He definitely keeps it short…Hey-O!

  • Buddy Baker

    A Communist and a fool…and consequently a far superior musician.

  • schuler

    Guys, this only sounds bad because Phil said it without running it through Melodyne. Once they put some studio magic on that shit, it will soar to the highest heights, like the great American bald eagles.

  • zomgpapi

    Anyways, lets get back to the real topic. Whats up with this Twilight band on top? They look sooooooo scary and bad ass, they must shit rainbows.

    • emvath

      I’m just glad to see the former members of Cold and Orgy found some work.


    God dammit guys, the PRP comments are making me LOL hard lately. keep up the good work haha

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Wow, Phil Labonte is very ignorant. Does his band sell girly t-shirts with pink realtree camouflage yet?

    What the fuck is wrong with communism? It usually fails, but there’s some merits to the ideology.

    Phil Lobonte needs to read some Slavoj Zizek.

  • The Shark™

    My guess is that the first words out of Tom Morello’s mouth after he heard/read about this were, “who the fuck is Phil Labonte?”

    • HoodooOperator


  • tentonwolf

    Best of ATR< Morrello's last morning dookie.

  • Dax

    Tom Morrello is a fool? Damn man, show some respect… and someone tell this fool what time it is.

    • Donnie Narco

      fool time?

  • BlueBalls

    Phil ain’t got no learnin.

  • mad_hiddy

    oh for fucks sake. Morello’s been talking about the same stuff since before Labonte was even born. Rage Against the Machine has been the soundtrack of two generations. All That Remains is the soundtrack of a Hot Topic. Someone please tell the new breed of “metal” to shut their fucking mouths until they have something interesting/intelligent to say.

  • Jenkem Dealer

    Is Phil fucking SHOCKED that Tom Morello is no fan of Republicans?

    Tom Morello not being a fan is Republicans is the most EXPECTED THING IN THE WORLD. Being mad about that is like being mad at Mitt Romney loving money.

  • TattooPanda

    “Tom Morello is a communist and a fool. He’s also had the wool pulled over his eyes by the system.”

    Quoted for truth.

  • Pank On Da Inside

    Tom Morello was on the Godzilla soundtrack, what the fuck have you done to stay relevant aside from talk shit Phil?!


      Godzilla pure muthafuckin’ filler!

  • ononomos

    lol, just another reason for me to hate him and his shitty, shitty band.

  • veil your eyes


  • rageagainst123

    “I’m not saying he’s dumb, I’m saying he’s a fool for the statist perspective that our government is good w a democrat is in office.”

    OK, what evidence does Phil have knowing Tom is fan of our current government. Also they raged against Clinton. Hell, RATM played outside of the DNC in 2000 in protest! Phil is angry when someone uses their freedom of speech to express their opinion. But Phil thinks the first amendment only applies to him. Phil should just move to Alabama where his true colors will fit in properly. I’m ashamed as an New Englander to have a jack ass like Phil Labonte hail from New England. We already have a Ted Nugent, we don’t need another.

  • smokin_joe

    I don’t know how’s crazier or more extreme in the U.S… the lefties or the righties.

  • mad_hiddy

    Well the “lefties” aren’t going around telling people to hate gays, women, hispanics, blacks, atheists, education…Hell, I could list things for days.

  • CaptainCream

    Dammit, if we’re going to be all political, can’t it be at least against some shitty third world government, not our own?

    • SFilthy

      Why the hell do you hashtag words outside of twitter?

      • SiX50SiD

        it’s just a twit reflex response according to the wiki on twitter zombie’s..he should be o.k. after refreshing his boner…browser (sorry after it freezes and retracts to reset mode.