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Whitechapel Premiere “I, Dementia” Music Video is proud to premiere Whitechapel‘s brand new music video for their track “I, Dementia” below. The clip was shot with director David Brodsky (All That Remains, The Devin Townsend Project). It serves as the latest single from the groups new self-titled album, which is available in stores now.

The clip was filmed as part of the Scion AV Project. Scion A/V Metal works with the world’s best and most vital metal bands, bringing them to the stage at Metal Matinees, releasing exclusive audio releases and creating new music videos.


  • Surly


  • Tom

    maggot nation army

  • Surly

    La plupart des commentaires sont sans objet…..

  • MidnightMachete

    That opening riff sounds a lot like the opening riff to Crazy Train.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Dang Wook is getting a lot of hits on this article. Who new so many people cared to see the new Whitechapel video on the PRP specifically….

    • schuler

      Sarcasm? I can’t tell with you yet.

      • pathos

        id assume so…. i can’t take anything he says seriously with that avatar. I specifically chose mine to look serious….. and it seems like you have too

      • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

        yes sarcasm, To be honest I LOVE this video and song.

      • schuler

        Yeah, this is my serious face. Also I like this song and album a lot, too. I’ve never been a dude with a huge boner for Whitechapel. I’ve enjoyed all their records off and on, but this one I actually like most. If I want technical guitar wizardry, I have plenty of other noodlers I can listen to. I do a lot of running and lifting, and this is the kind of shit that’s a great soundtrack for anything physical.